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Positive help to stop dog-on-dog attacks

What if anything can we do to reduce the odds of dog on dog attacks happening?  So many people said in our recent survey that it has ruined their dog's life,  and even the owner's life. We have legislation that could cover this, but how many of you have been given a false name and ad dress and ended up funding your own vets fees? How many have had the police say - no human harmed - no case to answer. I'll go all Crimewatch here and say don't have nightmares, is this rare - these people seem to be pretty normal people... What I didn't ask was the time of day the attack happened, I've heard a theory that if you walk your dogs very, very early in the morning or very, very late at night chances are you'll meet all the other people hoping to avoid an encounter with another dog and your dog will more likely be bitten. Do we need dog trainers to market to the owners of dogs that have bitten as many appear to be repeat offenders? Bite amnesties? Grumpy do

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