No show

All last week I was getting emails from people trying to buy tickets for the Wag and Bone Show. I wonder if anyone actually just turned up at the Great Park? A few minutes ago, we just nipped into the office to pick something up and there was a message on the answerphone from someone who was trying to get tickets yesterday.
It would have been a glorious day for it, perhaps a little too warm - but probably the first proper weekend of summer.
Can't say I've missed doing all the work, though. It's been nice to have a year off.
But if anyone did go and found there was no show, I'm really sorry. We did all we could to tell everyone it was off - but we know from our own experience this week that plenty of people still hadn't heard. I was told off by the charities solicitors for passing on the news - but I think perhaps they all needed to do more to communicate that the Wag and Bone 2007 was off.


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