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I'm about to do a radio interview about a really difficult subject. A lady awoke from sleep thinking she was being attacked by an intruder. She needed 40 stitches in her face. But there was no intruder, the injury had been caused by her six-year-old rescued Greyhound which has nw been put to sleep.
What happened? Maybe the owner had a seizure? Maybe the dog had a brain tumour? Something must have been different that night when all those before were peaceful.
Am holding waiting to speak. One in seven us share a bed with our dogs, this is something I have never heard of before.
All this before my first cup of peppermint tea. Ugh!
Any ideas?


Skibble said…
I haven't heard of anyone being attacked in their sleep before, but the first Beardie I ever knew had to be put to sleep as it was playing ball with its owner and suddenly it just bit his face. It did it again the next day. The dog did have a seizure in the weeks preceding it, so possibly that caused a turn in its personality.

Its a tricky one. Lots of dog owners are religious about not letting their dogs in the room at night or leaving them with vulnerable humans such as babies and children.

Hope you don't get too hard a time!
Beverley Cuddy said…
We had a good old chat and they played an interview they'd run the night before where the woman explained what happened. She was incredibly upbeat about her injuries and about having to have her dog put to sleep. The interviewer remarked on it and asked if she might still be in shock. She said that she'd tunred th hospital into Butlins when she got there.
I have to say as an avid watcher of TV doctor House my suspicions were roused.
It would be unnatural to be so happy about having your face disfigured and having to have a beloved dog put to sleep.
I'd be requesting an MRI scan of the owner ASAP, the dog may have signalled a major problem that she's unaware of. Certainly worth getting it checked out. I hope they pass on my suggestion.
The interview moved on to Pedigree Dogs Exposed. That is still so much to the front of the public psyche.
Time for another blog....!
Anonymous said…
That is such a weird story. Maybe the dog had a dream and just lunged out with its legs suddenly and happened to to catch her face with its claws.
If it had long claws, it could easily have needed 40 stitches.
What I can't understand is, if the dog seemed normal afterwards, why she didn't just make it sleep in the kitchen or another room from then on.
Whatever it was, it was surely not a deliberate attack on her. I might have considered putting it down if it had suddenly become like a rabid dog, or had some strange personality change, but not if it had inadvertently hurt me just on one occasion.
What a strange owner not to be sad, either.
Presumably she and the dog had had happy times together before the incident.
It's actually impossible to comment intelligently on such a situation without knowing the owner or the dog.

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