Division in the ranks?

Just saw this posted by Dogs Trust on a forum...

"With the announcement that Pedigree is no longer sponsoring Crufts, many newspapers and online forums reported the news this weekend. You may have incorrectly read that the Kennel Club is working with Dogs Trust to review breeding standards for 209 species of pedigree dogs. Dogs Trust has no involvement with the review of breed standards which is currently underway; this is something the Kennel Club is conducting independently.
"Although Dogs Trust has withdrawn from Crufts and Discover Dogs, we are firmly committed to ensuring that changes are now made to safeguard the health and well being of dogs. This is why we have been in regular dialogue with the Kennel Club and have jointly called for Government support for a review into the breeding, registration and showing of all dogs. Timings and full details for this review have not yet been confirmed. We will be able to update our supporters about this review shortly."

Hmmm, perhaps not wanting to appear too cosy with the KC? Interesting to make that subtle definition - does this mean the rewriting of these breed standards isn't going to get the Dogs Trust seal of approval? We know they are being really rushed through.
And why have two reviews of the health of the nation's dogs? RSPCA are already quite a way along the line with theirs. Isn't it going to be a waste of charity money to fund a duplication? I know for a fact that the RSPCA has made this point and asked if Dogs Trust would like to join them.
Why not work together?
Shouldn't this be about what's best for dogs and not point scoring between charities.
Just think how strong that review would be if the two biggest dog welfare charities signed it off?


Chapstaff said…
Yes - shame they can't get together & pool their resources. They would be so much more powerful then
Anonymous said…
Perhaps something could be co-ordinated by the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes? (adch.org.uk). Both RSPCA and Dogs
Trust are members and Clarissa is Chairman.
... Vicky

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