Which adjective would you use to describe me?

On another publication's website one pro-KC (possibly a professional KC person judging by the depth of their protective instincts for the archaic institution) actually called me "fluffy".
She didn't use it as a term of affection or anything, it wasn't a pet name. It was an attempt to suggest that Dogs Today didn't tackle the thornier issues!
I am still in shock. I never wear pink. I've never been a girlie girl that hid behind men. Have always been someone to roll those sleeves up and get stuck in should the situation warrant it.
But to have been perceived by anyone as fluffy.... it's made me want to renew my subscription of Spare rib and get a tattoo.
My biggest fan also claims I am always censoring the comments on this blog and that our magazine speaks with one voice - mine.
As I just okayed a letter for print from someone who called me a t**t for suggesting that Prince Edward shouldn't hit his dogs with big sticks, I wonder what I need to do to show I believe in free speech. And no - please don't just post abuse now to test me out - and certainly DO NOT EVER CALL ME FLUFFY!
(Do you think she hit a nerve?)


Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley, If I had to pick just one adjective, I would choose strong. Hope that makes you feel better!
I also promise never to call you the "f" word!
Julie x
Anonymous said…
People might be free to speak but at the risk of you bullying them and belittling them on your blog.
Anonymous said…
I'd be furious if someone called me that. She's just trying to put you down, to make out that you are not really serious, but she couldn't have got you more wrong.
It's a silly remark to have made.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Oh dear anonymous, my biggest fan Sirius (who is now claiming to be a man btw but being anonymous he/she/it could be a fish for all I know) thinks I'm a fluffy control freak and you just think that I an ogre...

Prefer your view to tell you truth!
Anonymous said…
Maybe you shouldn't be so into yourself.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Well that was nice!
Anonymous said…
In my opinion you are the definition of UN-fluffiness! Dogs Today puts other dog mags to shame.
Anonymous said…
my adjective would be LOYAL, especially as you play fair and write a great magazine! carry on !!
Chapstaff said…
Fluffy.......?You........?It must have been your Doppelganger.....Hilarious!
Fluffy..??? Thats hilarious..!!!!!!! Dont you just LOVE the p[eople who have nothing better to do with their time..???

I have been a DT reader for 13 years and fluffy is not a word I would have used lol
Anonymous said…
Why is it that those people who want to bully and call people names always remain anonymous? Suprise, suprise!

I note that on the Cavalier Talk site there is criticism of your Cavalier Health advisor. And guess what? The poster doesn't identify themselves!
Anonymous said…
Dear Miss Cartland, by the reaction here I am not sure that the readers of DT would be ready for anything I did pen!! as for the whole "Fluffygate" perhaps they would of been better seeing the WHOLE story instead of just your side (look up on the Dog World website)hope you did not beat the Hairydogmother as you hinted at!! good to see the correction are now in place (well almost all)and by the way I am not Brian L, as you suspected or as I keep on telling you I am not anyone within Clarges street (or have been) just a dog person with some views that may be different to yours. Regards
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sorry hit delete on Sirius's ps by mistake... I'd mistaken it for one of stalker Mike the Poodle's rambling and I tend to delete before reading him these days!!!

And if your wondering who Barbara Cartland is - it's Sirius's other pet name for me.... and he/she/it claims not to be my biggest fan. Bet there's a clunky collection of romantic fiction under that bed nestling with the KC stud books.

Here is that PS in full..

PS I do think that "Maria said...." shouldn't label people as a bully until they know either the person concerned or the whole story, not unless you think I have been a bully?!?!

(Ed's note: I think Maria was talking about Anonymous's post on 22 Jan 2009 16.50 - so Sirius are you that anonymous too? Please sign your name so we know who you are - even though you think we don't know who you are!)

PPS describing me as "your biggest fan" is almost as worthy as the many so called facts accuracy in PDE, and such a shame I see they lost at the awards to one about a Street.

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