Beware of cat burglars

Even when they're causing a crime wave, somehow our feline friends always get a good press. Henry has stolen 57 socks from neighbours in Loughborough and his owners are leafleting the area in an attempt to reunite the stolen booty with their rightful feet.
No one yet knows this recidivist's methods, whether he is taking the socks from washing lines, linen baskets or off people's feet.
If you are finding it difficult to find a pair of socks it may be that another gang member is operating in your area.
Now, please don't have nightmares. Remove temptation from sox maniacs like these, start wearing sandles!
Do you have a dog that pinches stuff? Do share your stories.
My old Misty used to sneak up behind my Mum when she was putting out the washing and pinch her on the bum and run away!
Chi-Chi my first Beardie would steal any food possible.
One day she got up onto the kitchen work surface and drank the contents of a cold chip pan - with no ill effects, just a remarkably shiny coat!
Annie, my best behaved dog of all time perfected the art of stealing only one slice of cake from a plate so no one was really sure if she'd been bad.
Chi-Chi used to shoplift from trade stands at dog shows. We were forever having to take things back to pay after we'd discover she had a stolen squeaky mouse in her mouth several stalls later.
Oscar and Tess currently love stealing the fridge magnets and they have a great technique for dislodging them. I think they've been watching too much David Attenborough as Oscar particularly looks like a Great White Shark as he launches an attack on the fridge.
Let's have an amnesty on doggie petty theft. Confess your pet(ty) criminal's escapades here.


Julie Hill said…
Our Bichon Frise is addicted to ear plugs. My husband uses them, and if he absent mindedly leaves them anywhere she can get to them, for exampl in his bedside chest of drawers, in a not quite completely closed drawer, she's got them like a shot!
I find the chewed up plastic container on her bed, and never any trace of the ear plugs themselves. The first time she did this, we were so worried that the ear plugs would block up her little intestines, but her system showed no signs of upset. Now she has seen off several sets, both the waxy and the spongy, all with no ill effects.
No amount of scolding has stopped the dog stealing the ear plugs, or made my husband put them somewhere out of her reach. Ah well, you can't win 'em all.........
Anonymous said…
My little dog Maisie is always stealing my clothes while I am in the shower! She never chews them just takes them out into the garden, it's always socks or even worse my bras that takes lol!
Claire said…
My two mongrels are addicted to munching on carrots. Whenever possible, they make for the veggie plot and pull them out of the ground! Zero food miles!!

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