Update on Rhona and Tilly

I know that many of you have been worrying about Rhona and Tilly so I've asked for updates on both. Sadly, neither are home yet. One of our readers Kate Price read this blog after a walk and thought she'd just seen Rhona with an elderly couple. (Regular readers will know Kate is the owner of Olive the Pug who is featured in our November edition.)

Tilly the Mastiff cross

I'm sorry to say there's still no news or sightings of Tilly, even the Met Police are looking for her now and also dog walkers, homeless people in the area are all keeping their eyes open. We feel she is more than likely left that area now and possibly heading East towards Essex/Kent. Somebody may have taken her in and not brought her to the attention of the authorities or rescue or even taken to a vets where she could be scanned and then identified. We need to raise her profile and get her picture out there to as many people as possible.. I mean.. shes a distinctive large dog, how hard can this be!
I will keep you posted of any new developments
thank you so much again for your help we are all extremely grateful
Kind Regards
Carmen Cole

Rhona the Lurcher

Thanks for your help. Kate Price got in touch with Mum and Dad and they have been to the place where she thought she saw Rhona for the last two days handing out posters, but some dog walkers think there is a similar dog that has been being walked there for months so it may not be her. They have put up posters and are going back again tomorrow, but no luck as yet. In the meantime we keep on emailing and sending info out, and the local papers have Rhona's picture in this week, as will the Veterinary Times, so maybe we will get lucky.
Thank you again!

the details again...

Rhona is a two year old Lurcher bitch (her birthday was five days ago). She was last seen at around 11 am on Saturday 10th October at the edge of my parents' land near the A47 2 miles from Swaffham. She was seen being put into a silver Laguna by an elderly couple who drove off in the direction of Kings Lynn or Downham Market. We assume they were worried for her safety and are grateful to them for their concern, but desperately want her back. She is much loved and missed by the whole family and her lurcher friend who won't eat. She was wearing a collar with an ID tag and 'scan my chip' tag and is microchipped. We appeal to anyone who has seen her to get in touch and we are offering a reward for her safe return. Please call 01760 721344 or 07771 566 313. Thank you.

Tilly was only rehomed last Monday, she was spooked while in the lady's garden on Wednesday, scaled an eight foot wall and went missing. On Thursday Tilly was spotted in New Cross. She is a very nervous dog but not aggressive.
Tilly is approx 15 months old, a Mastiff Cross female, spayed and microchipped. She escaped from her new owners garden last week in SE15 London. She was last spotted in New Cross last Thursday.
Please contact Sharon on 07523 136963 or Carmen on 07930 935960 with any help finding Tilly or any information that would lead them to find her.


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