What breeds make up this dog?

This is Varley and her owner says she is one part Rod Stewart. But can you guess the two pedigree breeds that make up her real parentage!
First correct answer wins a dog book of their choice from the Interpet range.
One parent easy to see, angle of the photo may be making the second breed trickier to call!
Clues coming later today if no one gets it. Send you answers to comps@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk
This will be won today!

One parent is reputed to have free access to all royal parks and palaces.
The other parent could have a pet name of Weiner or Frank...!

It's all over - Varley's a Cavalier x Standard Longhaired Dachshund - congrats to the winner, well done everyone for good guesses!


Matron said…
Beverley - This is a subject close to my heart! I just had a breed identification DNA test done on my beloved mutt Buddy. It is incredible to actually find out for sure what's in the mix. One of his grandparents was a dalmatian - which came as a shock because he's almost completely black!
Lucy King said…
How did you get the DNA test done Matron? I thought they were only done in America and I'd love to know my dogs parentage!

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