Charlie needs our help

Can I just direct you to the new Tailwaggers blog? There's an urgent appeal just gone up for Charlie, a stray that was taken in by a family on the breadline.
Turns out Charlie didn't just have a mild skin problem which they could have just about afforded, he'd got a serious chemical burn that could take away his sight, too.
If anyone can spare a few bob it will be added to the money donated so far from Tailwaggers and the Blue Cross.
Charlie's found someone to love him at last, let's try and take a bit of the pressure off this family at Christmas.
Here's the link


Anonymous said…
I have donated £5 - it's all I could afford at this time of year, but I hope it helps a little.
FYI the fund raising button on their blog has expired but it sends you to a page where you just give a general donation to them rather than via the specific page.
Clare xx

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