Growler hopes for change and fears the end of shows

It's the Growler again, the anonymous dog show insider that likes to sometimes communicate through this blog...
I was encouraged this week both by my conversation with others and also by articles in the dog press (I am a sometime admirer of columns by Signalman in Our Dogs among others).
Changing the way things are done and the way we all appear seems to be cropping up as themes more and more. I live in hope that it is a small beginning in moves to improve our hobby.
Signalman asked what Mr and Mrs Average must think of some of our practises. I fear the answer is not much!

Will it be hard to change?
Yes, and some will be left behind unwilling to adjust to what is needed. But some things are massively overdue.
If our Kennel Club are finally going to try to clean up and improve our hobby I hope all who take part will support them. Otherwise I fear the writing will be on the wall and showing will come to a stuttering halt - to be replaced by other ways of finding the 'best' dogs. No doubt overseen by some organisation such as DEFRA or god forbid the RSPCA



Anonymous said…
Is this the same Growler who is asking for openess and change, who in their last post spread rumours about puppies at shows but had no actual proof? case of do as I say not as I do........Typical!!
ScotchEgg said…
yeah, i'm thinking if ''growler'' actually hopes for a better dog world she should be more proactive and less dramatic

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