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There are lots of questions on Think Tank that would benefit from your input if you get a few minutes. I've just posted an urgent one. Do you know anyone who has had a dog go through an op to remove the spleen. A very worried owner would love to hear from you if so.
There's also less specific questions that you will all have an opinion on - best dog walking clothes this Spring fro someone lucky enough to buy a whole new wardrobe, most stylish dog-friendly car, most coveted dog toys...
Please do stop by the Dogs Today facebook page (see the box to the right for a snippet of what goes on there!), we've had a riotous few days were people have confessed the weirdest thing they've ever had in their handbag and the most embarrassing thing their dog has ever done. Both sets of winning entries really are hilarious if you need a laugh!
And don't forget the CV247 blog if you know anyone who has a dog with cancer. And there's the tailwaggers blog and the facebook page to help support people with dogs with CDRM.


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