Have you seen this dog?

£1,000  REWARD  for his safe return

An eye witness saw him being taken in a blue saloon car, possibly a Mercedes from Crewe Road, Nantwich last September.  He is black and tan, rough coated with a grizzle head.  He is a very friendly, lively two year old. He is microchipped.

Great anxiety and distress caused by his loss.

If you know where he is please help.

Call, text or E-mail 01270 627467 or 07926 194301.


Here's a copy of the police report...

Our black and tan, wire haired, male Border Terrier, Rufus escaped from the garden at about 3.00pm on Thursday 23/9/10. He had chased a cat.
We went into the fields at the back of the house to find him.
At 3.10 we had a phone call from a man who said he had picked him up from Crewe Road, opposite Hillside Vets, he had had him in the car but Rufus had jumped out of the window, his wife was not very good with dogs. He said Rufus had run into the front garden of a house opposite the vets. He asked Rufus’s name, saying that he would have called Rufus back.
When the man called, I was outside the Vets myself looking for Rufus, the man said he was now on his way to Stoke.
My wife and I spent the rest of the day until dark looking for Rufus, putting notices with photos through neighbours’ doors and asking everyone we met if they had seen Rufus.
Nobody had seen him and nobody called our number from his tally.

We informed the police, rang the local, the Wem and the Stoke dog wardens and dogs’ homes and sent posters to all the Vets in about a 30 mile radius. We put ‘missing’ adverts in the local and Stoke papers and put out appeals on Radio Stoke.
On 14/10/2010 Mrs Dawn Owen, having seen the advert in the paper, contacted us to say that she had seen couple pick Rufus up. She stopped and spoke to them, suggesting that they take Rufus to Hillside Vets as Rufus had run into the wheel of a passing car. The man who had hold of Rufus said that he was a dog lover, he felt over Rufus to check for injury. Mrs Owen saw the man get into the passenger seat of the car with Rufus. Mrs Owen returned to her own car in the lay-by and in her mirrors saw the man and his wife drive off toward the Peacock pub. She did not see Rufus jump out of the car as the man claimed.
The man was in his 50s, dark haired with some grey, well built and looking a bit scruffy. His wife was also in her 50s, blonde, well dressed and well made up. The car was a mid blue coloured Mercedes.

We are convinced that Rufus was taken by this couple for the reasons below:
From Mrs Owen’s account.
The fact that we did not find Rufus when we looked and have continued to look.
Nobody else telephone us from the number on his tag.
That despite him being microchipped, he has not been found by or handed in to the dog warden or any vets.
His body has not been found either on the road side or in the local fields that we have searched.
That the man telephoned us and asked for Rufus’s name but that his mobile phone number was with held and he has not answered our appeals for his help to find out more details of what happened on that day.


Anonymous said…
shared on Facebook hope you find him soon!

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