Don't Cook the Dog Campaign

If you are looking for info on this we are updating the first blog rather than writing new ones so people always get the right info no matter what link they click.

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If you scroll down you'll also read the breaking news about the change to the Pet Passport coming in January 2011 which will mean there is no longer that 6 month wait after the rabies vaccination. No time for editorial comment on this subject apart from a short cheer as it has been madness that we've been out of step with most of the rest of Europe all this time.


Anonymous said…
but the stopping of ther tick and flea treament on dogs cominging into the UK will open up loads of problems , I amnot so sure you will welcome this decision in 12 months time when dogs will be dead from new strains of disease brought in by such paracites.
Anonymous said…
PDE Producer found guilty of false informatin yet again and this time by the BBC Trust!!! hear that they now will cancel PDE2 as they have grave cause on its ability to be balance and honest, shame they didnt do that with the first one
Beverley Cuddy said…
All the BBC Trust has asked for is for the programme to clarify that the ridge on a Rhodesian Ridgeback is the cause a condition similar to spina bifida, rather than spina bifida itself - hardly a mistake of world-shattering proportions. And it doesn't take away from the point that the film made, which was that Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders are breeding for a feature - the ridge - which is now known to be the direct cause of a serious health problem (dermoid sinus). If wrong has been done here, surely it's the RR breeders - who until Jemima highlighted the issue - often saw fit to cull Ridgebacks born without a ridge for no other reason that they did not, cosmetically, meet the breed standard, and are still ignoring the science.

The only other point related to the statement of RSPCA Chief Vet Mark Evans in PDE that RR breeders were knowingly breeding dogs with a deformity. The Trust did not question the accuracy of this - just that the Club should have been given a right of reply.

And far from cancelling PDE2, I hear the BBC - which I gather approached Jemima to make the update, not the other way round - is fully supportive of both the project and Jemima herself.

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