Would your dog like to go to a premier?

Calling all dog owners! London will witness one of first ever fine dining and cocktail drinking experiences exclusively for dogs as new research is set to reveal British dogs are becoming more human as the level of extravagance and pampering the capital’s dog owners bestow on their pets rises.

To celebrate the DVD release of Family Guy Season 11 – and one of the show’s main characters, Brian the refined, human-like and jazz-loving dog – Islington pub The Mucky Pub will be taken over for one evening where dogs will be treated just like people.

They’ll be served sophisticated gourmet food and specially concocted dog-friendly cocktails whilst being waited on hand and paw by butlers and waitresses. A special band will be playing smooth jazz sounds, alongside other entertainment, for dogs and their owners to lounge to.

Some selected menu inclusions:

Hair of the Dog
Dog Island Ice Tea
Salty Dog
Satan’s Whiskers

Appetiser / Entrée
Bow Wow Wow Chicken Liver Parfait
Barking for Beef-Roast Beef. Curls served on a silver platter
Rovers Risotto (rice, meatballs and a baked cheesy crust)
Paw Licking Chicken

Pawtisserie-Bonewhichs and Yorkie Tarts

To register for this event please email familyguy@premierpr.com

And if you go please can you email me photos!



Frances said…
Ummm - sounds as if it would guarantee dogs up all night with dodgy tums to me - I think we will pass on this one!
Bit far for me to travel - but hope those who go have fun.

Love and licks, Winnie
Anonymous said…
How about this, look at how the BBC keep a dog.
Anonymous said…
I see from the latest fron cover of Dogs Today that the split with you and Jemima Harrison is true then, I didnt realise what she had been saying about you had such grounds
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Anonymous
Do reveal what you think Jemima has said about me! How amusing.
For those inhabiting this planet and not another, Jemima Harrison has taken a break from writing her column to concentrate her efforts on producing Pedigree Dogs Exposed 2.
And anonymous, if you are attempting using psychic powers try tea leaves not coffee grounds!
Jemima Harrison said…
Yes, I'd be quite interested to know what I am supposed to have said, too!

Laura Patricia said…
I am going tonight (without my dog) and will try to send some photos. I have an awful camera though, so I make no promises!
Helen said…
I have e-mailed them in the hope that we can take our dog Suki. She loves meeting other dogs (and so do we) so if we are selected I promise to e-mail photos :)

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