How does your dog's dinner smell?

Just starting to research a feature on how what your dog smells is different to what we smell. Is anyone aware of any research on this subject that sheds some light on what smells a dog finds attractive and why?
What's your dog's favourite smell and why?
Do some dogs have a better sense of smell than others? How about flat nosed dogs - can they smell at all? (My dogs got no nose...etc)
And how does smell and taste relate? I know they are very linked in humans - if we lose our sense of smell we often lose interest in food. What smells are the strongest?
What's your dogs favourite food and what does it smell like?
Anyone got a dog with a very sensitive nose? Our Oscar for example is incredibly fussy and will literally turn his nose up at anything out of the ordinary.
Tess almost has radar for any food left in a bin - even the tiniest smear on a piece of kitchen towel.
Does dog food that smells good to us smell good to dogs?


Kirstin said…
Tia has never turned her nose up at any food, however she gets very excited the smellier it is... for example Fish & Maize seems to be more exciting than chicken & maize.

As to other things she smells.. her favourite smell is generally dead things! In the fields, she will smell a dead fish or a dead bird from a long way away and she's off.. to go and roll on it *urgh!*
Helen said…
As Kirstin says about her dog, my dog Suki (a Staffie cross) doesn't turn her nose up at any food either. She goes absolutely wild for chocolate even though we never feed it to her, she is a rescue dog and we think her previous family may have fed her chocolate.

Suki's favourite food used to be James Wellbeloved puppy food, when she was older and we switched her to the normal dog food she still enjoyed it but not as much.

Like Tess, Suki has a very good sense of smell and can smell even the tiniest crumb that falls on to the kitchen floor. In fact, if I get the cheese grater out she parks herself within sniffing distance as she knows something is bound to drop! The other day she managed to sniff out a slice of Madeira cake from a bush in the park. She is amazing.

I think that food that smells good to us also smells good to dogs, however smells like perfume don't. It makes her sneeze!

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