It's a long shot - but searching for 60 Dachshunds!

We get some unusual requests but this is a first!

Is your dog a work of art?

Would he or she like to be?

Interested in the United Nations?

Got a Dachshund?

Able to travel to Birmingham?

This event was made for you. Really. 

I have so enjoyed watching footage of artist Bennett Millers earlier work. 
Mini golf to get us to think more deeply about Iran... genius. 

Here's how to get involved....


60 dachshunds from across the West Midlands are needed  to participate in a piece of live art.

'Dachshund U.N.' is to be performed in a central location in Birmingham on Saturday 31 March. It is a fun (and often chaotic!) piece, and will be a great meeting of Dachshunds in the city, and dog and art-lovers alike.

Here's a video of the performance in Melbourne in 2010

If you take part - please let us know!



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