Could you adopt our Adopt Me section?

We've only just heard our usual Adopt Me sponsor can't go ahead this month which is such a shame. Do you know a company that may want to step in for just this edition or for longer?
As you know, Dogs Today always leads the way with groundbreaking ideas that hopefully make pet lovers feel empowered – that together we can and do make a difference.
There had been so much doom and gloom about how rescues were rammed full and struggling to cope. We really wanted to do something to help them.
In our December edition we made the very bold decision to include lots of dogs looking for new homes, free of charge, in an exciting new format.
Our Adopt Me section was born and since then more than 450 wonderful dogs have been featured – from the biggest to the smallest rescue organisations in the land.
Each dog was given a photo and 200 words to say in their own words why they deserved a new home.
Would people like it?
They loved it - and it’s become a significant part of our magazine.
Even readers as far away as New York contemplated each and every dog and wanted to know what happened to them.
Dogs in rescue stopped being just statistics and started to have a recognisable name and face.
It was a win, win situation all round.
We don’t say this lightly, but this is probably the best thing we’ve ever done in 22 years of publishing.
Do you have a business and would you like to work with us on this exciting project which appears in 11 early pages in the magazine every month?
This is a huge section of our magazine and it’s one of the first things people turn to each month and our feedback is that every dog's story is read.
We would love an enthusiastic company to work with as our new section sponsor – a company who sees the potential in this initiative and helps us take it to the next level.
Could it be you or a company you work for?
Would you like to engage with people who are thinking intelligently about how to get their next dog? Would you also like to reach people who are just window shopping and day dreaming - but might read your advert if you make it interesting?
Would you like the warmth of the association of being part of something that really does actively help give these wonderful dogs the chance of a new home?
Might you like to feature some of the dogs on your website too each month to show your customers what you are doing? If appropriate, maybe you could set up a page on your website where people can buy presents for these dogs - even if they can’t rehome them?
Or could you just use you eight early right advertising positions to tell our wonderful readers about what you do?
If you are seriously interested in becoming our new Adopt Me sponsor please get in touch - 01276 858880. 
If you have dog you'd like featured click here for what you need to do.


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