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We remember Lennox and take an in-depth look at what happened and why with comments from all the main players, including contributions from Victoria Stilwell, Sarah Fisher and David Ryan. I talk to prosecution witness Peter Tallack and give Lemmings, Lies and a Videotape the chance to talk.  Behaviour specialist, vet Kendal Shepherd assesses BSL, and you send us your special Lennox tributes from all around the world.
I can't believe you'll read more in depth coverage of this case anywhere.

53 homeless dogs are searching for forever and foster homes, might one or two or them become part of your family? We’ve got updates on those dogs previously featured who have found love.
And remember we're always looking for more dogs to feature in this section - click here for how to be included.

Behaviourists Karen Wild and Chirag Patel consider what decisions you should make before welcome a new canine family member.

Sarah Whitehead tells us why we should be aiming for training gold.

Peter Neville helps soon-to-be parents and their collie prepare to welcome their bundle of joy.

Anna Osborne guarantees you’ve got a gambling addict living in your home.

Jemima Harrison asks if neutering is really just a load of balls.

Part three of Gina Stokes’s guide to doggie dancing.

Richard Allport keeps you flea-free the natural way.

It’s a family affair for Terry Doe this month as he sorts out doggie problems for his elders.

Scientists say you and your dog are more alike thank you think.
Rachael Millar asks if stray dogs about become laboratory fodder?

We celebrate 30 years of Hearing Dogs with Bruce Fogle.

This month we give you the lowdown on the Finnish Lapphund. Could they be the breed for you?

Laura Lee urges you to make friends with fellow doggie people.

You tell us your dog’s favourite supplements and we answer readers’ queries in our Think Tank.

Meet the brave children who went from running in front of a car to avoid a dog, to stroking one, in just one hour.

Lots of goodies to be won, and oh-so-chic pet boutiques to browse.
And to top it all off, we meet Hollywood starlet Krysten Ritter and Downton Abbey favourite Lesley Nichol and their dogs.
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