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Front cover is the gorgeous Benny from Paul O'Grady's hit show For the Love of Dogs. Benny was the shy Rottie cross that had to overcome his fears to find a new home.
My editorial talks about another doggie TV show, Top Dog Model on ITV2. Just watched the latest episode and it was quite gripping after a shaky start! Did your favourite win?
Some nudity in our news section for a change... but it's all for a good cause! Hounds for Heroes calendar... no not Allen getting his kit off - check out for more details!
Rachael Millar writes a powerful article on the history and future of Dog Lost and we include the first of our regular columns - Lost and Found. Each month we'll feature two long lost dogs and one found.
Rachael also got to chat to lovely Ben Fogle this month, we've watched Ben grow up as dad Bruce has written for our mag since 1990!
And over the page there is proud dad Bruce! He's written this month about his family's love of Labradors.
Which fits in really well with Adopt Me this month, we've got loads of lovely Labradors looking for homes as well as lots of older dogs.
I loved writing about Paul O'Grady and his fantastic new show. I got the chance of getting the gossip of what it was like working with Paul and we've followed up what happened to some of the dogs featured in this fantastic show.
Rachael is back again with a great feature on cover dog Benny - now called Barney!
We've got a new sponsor for Adopt me - 8in1 and they're going to give a welcome home gift to every dog homes through our section! Wow!
Peter Neville's case history this month is about how to get an older and younger dog to get along.
Pet Behaviour counsellor Lynn Allardyce takes on the challenge of a collie who is unused to being left alone.
Karen Wild tells us how we can make mortal enemies cats and dogs the best of friends!
We have a wonderful feature of Medical Detection Dogs - wow! You will want to read this. Don't want to give too much away, but this is a charity that is just really taking off. All credit to Claire Guest and her personal story is amazing. As she says - so much synchronicity going on!
Lovely vet Richard Allport gives you some ideas of the best books to read if you're interested in natural pet care.
Good Boy is an inspiring story of a little dog can make a massive difference!
Sarah Whitehead looks at scaredy dogs and how to deal with fears and phobias.
Gina Stokes gives the latest installment in Strictly Pawroom - even if you're not keeping up with the whole routine - this month - how to train your dog to walk backwards. Fascinating! Have a go.
Victoria Stilwell on the power of play - may just look like fun, but it has huge benefits.
Terry Doe continues his contemplation of whether responsible people are often just too daunted to take the plunge and get a rescue dog while less cerebral types are jumping in without a second thought and making a lot of splash-back.
I Want One - win loads of good stuff this month. A portrait, a great new bed, Lily's Kitchen's new no grain dog food, Loads of squeezy Kong toys, 24 Nature Menu pouches, a bandana, a Doggie dressing gown that will dry your dog - great idea! And some fantastic pupcakes from the petpooch boutique!
Appeals will tug on your heartstrings as usual, and we feature Remus a Bulldog pup with the most terrible hips... sad story.
With Firework night fast approaching we go through the options to help you get through it... Christine in our office spends all year planning as her dogs hate the bangs so much.
Going green - we highlight the best eco-friendly dog ideas. Fascinating!
Did you know there are two types of Corgi? There's not just the Pembrokes that the Queen has. We put the limelight on the rarer Cardigan Corgi and they were throughly charming.
Allen Parton bring us up to date with Hounds for Heroes latest news.
We look at Puppy farming and two very different ways of bringing the message to the public. Pup Aid and the 7 days event.
Think Tank asks and answers - what questions should you ask when you are choosing a new vet? Heart problems, poor appetite in older dogs, what to do when there's a dog at training class who hates your dog, muddy paw solutions ways to show people your dog doesn't like other dogs, homeopathic antyi-anxiety ideas, shedding issues.. you name it!
Then there's the caption - great pic this month, just saying! - cross question, strange but true, crossword and Louise Harris is on Pat on the Back - did not know that her dog Lola was no longer married... after that big wedding as well!

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Julia said…
On the subject of TV programmes, it was worrying to see BBC's Countryfile (7.10.12 39.20mins) showing a cup of antifreeze being used to trap insects with no warnings being given as to how toxic this is to domestic pets and wildlife. There was no protection over the cup and while Adam's Farm might be private land it is worrying that others may try the same experiment in parks etc without realising how deadly the results could be. It would be great if you could raise this with the BBC and try and get them to issue a warning ASAP. I have written but it will probably have more impact coming from you.
Best wishes

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