Friday, 30 November 2012

Love me Love my dog(s)

Can you help us with one of our next features?
Claire Horton-Bussey is writing about the Hounds of Love. Ben Fogle and Davina McCall both met the person they were to marry walking their dogs. Has a dog proved to be significant in finding love for you, too? We want to know! (Names can be changed if shy).
Or conversely, have dogs split you up?
Has your dog ever refused to allow your significant other into the bedroom?
Did your dogs hate each other on sight?
Do your breeds of dog need to be compatible to make it work? Which breeds and their owners definitely don't work? Hairy dog owners attracting only other hairies? How about giant breeds and toys? Working and Utility?
Have you ever found love at a dog show? Has a judge caught your eye as he's pointed to the winning spot? Has a fellow exhibitor lent you a comb and it's led to a brush with love?
Have you fallen for someone actually allergic to your dogs? Is loving dogs just a really promising sign that you'll agree on other subjects? Does it mean that they at least have a track record of loving someone other than themselves?
Share your theories and histories with who is hoping for some tremendous love stories and great anecdotes!
(Get a pot of tea on Claire, sounds like you'll enjoy this one!)
We discovered our ad man Mike had met his wife on a dog walk when we were discussing this feature. They've been together 40 years and now have a gorgeous Standard Poodle and lots of grand kids...
Please share your stories for our Valentine issue... and if you are looking for love, talk to Claire about it, maybe we can have a lonely hearts column for just this issue.
Did any of you go on Sky's Date Me Date My Dog? How did it go? I know several of you were contemplating it... Please cross post and share widely. Spread the love or at least the request for it!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

New year, new home?

Our January edition (out December) Adopt Me is opening now. We sometimes have a theme, and I'd like this month for us to particularly give some Collies, Greyhounds a Lurchers chance for a new life in the new year. All dogs will be considered, but if we are short of space priority will be given to these types

Here is how to get a hard to home dog included in Adopt me feature.

1. We need a good photograph (about a 1MB when attached, in focus ideally!)

2. The answers to these really simple questions.   

3. A 100 word statement from the dog that makes people look twice. (See below if you need inspiration!)

Here are the questions:
Name of dog:
Type of dog and size if not obvious:
Approx age: (in years)
With other dogs?
With cats?
Good with children?
Location (County):
Contact details:
Foster or forever home?

Email all three of these elements to a new email address (retype this as copy and paste for some reason often will not work!) 

and put 'Adopt me' in the subject. 

Good 100 word statements to inspire!
Hey I’m Shady! Will you throw my ball for me?
I’ve been in Rescue for over a year now which my carers say they are very surprised about. I love the company of people and get quite stressed if left on my own for long periods of time.
I’d love an owner with a lot of time on their hands; I’ll thank you with my devotion and wagging tail!
My new year’s resolution is to find a loving new home where I can play lots of games of fetch – could you help me make it come true?
I am the busiest dog in the world! I like to train, and play games, and love my obedience classes here in Leeds. I have lived with children with severe learning difficulties in a very busy house, and with another dog. I am much prettier than my photo, but I won’t keep still long enough for anyone to take one – I’m too busy seeing if the photographer has treats! I would love to live with an active family who like to get out and about as much as I do. You can watch videos of me training at the Iron Mountain website.
I’ve been at Battersea over a year – the Home never puts on a limit on how long it takes to rehome a cat or dog – and I’m a real favourite in the offices where I spend a day or two a week chilling out, being good-natured and friendly, well-mannered and very affectionate. For someone who looks like they ate all the pies, I’m actually a delicate and discerning eater – I once said no to a Bonio! Like my namesake Cleopatra, I am very beautiful, with carefully applied eyeliner, and would like to be building my own little homely kingdom soon.