Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to get a rescue dog listed free of charge in Dogs Today magazine

1. We need a good photograph (about a 1MB when attached, in focus ideally!)
2. The answers to these really simple questions.   
3. A 100 word statement from the dog that makes people look twice. 
(See below if you need inspiration!)
Here are the questions:
Name of dog:
Type of dog and size if not obvious:
Approx age: (in years)
With other dogs?
With cats?
Good with children?
Location (County):
Contact details:
Foster or forever home?

Email all three of these elements to a new email address (retype this as copy and paste for some reason often will not work!) and put 'Adopt me' in the subject. 

Good 100 word statements to inspire!

Hey I’m Shady! Will you throw my ball for me?

I am the busiest dog in the world! I like to train, and play games, and love my obedience classes here in Leeds. I have lived with children with severe learning difficulties in a very busy house, and with another dog. I am much prettier than my photo, but I won’t keep still long enough for anyone to take one – I’m too busy seeing if the photographer has treats! I would love to live with an active family who like to get out and about as much as I do. You can watch videos of me training at the Iron Mountain website.

I’ve been at Battersea over a year – the Home never puts on a limit on how long it takes to rehome a cat or dog – and I’m a real favourite in the offices where I spend a day or two a week chilling out, being good-natured and friendly, well-mannered and very affectionate. For someone who looks like they ate all the pies, I’m actually a delicate and discerning eater – I once said no to a Bonio! Like my namesake Cleopatra, I am very beautiful, with carefully applied eyeliner, and would like to be building my own little homely kingdom soon.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

We're looking for amazing dogs and people

Calling all those who know a dog or doggie person who deserves recognition!
Once again, we are on the search for wonderful canines and humans to honour with an Endal Medal.
Inspired by the late great Labrador named Endal, Dogs Today’s Dog of the Millennium, the Medals celebrate dogs who have done something amazing that has enhanced or changed the life of a person, people, or other dogs, tenfold. Maybe you know someone whose life has been saved by his or her faithful companion, or perhaps you want to thank your own pet for picking you up when you’ve been seriously down.
Endal Medals are also awarded to people who have worked wonders for the betterment of dogs’ lives. Perhaps you know someone who dedicates their spare time, and their not-so-spare time, to saving dogs on death row, or someone doing something innovative to highlight the wonders and change public opinion of dogs? 
You can send your nominations by email or post. Please include your name, address, daytime telephone number and information regarding the nominated dog or person, plus full details of their story.
If emailing, please make sure to write ‘Endal Nominations’ in the subject line and send to
Please post entries to Endal Nominations, Dogs Today, The Old Print House, 62 The High Street, Chobham, Surrey GU24 8AA.
The closing date is February 28, 2014.

The winners will be announced and their stories told at a special ceremony on stage at the London Pet Show, Earl’s Court, on Saturday 17 May.
Click here to read about  the medal winners, amazing stories!