I'm back and I'm ready for almost anything

Apologies for the lack of blogs recently. I've had a nasty, black cloud hanging over me. But I got some really excellent new yesterday, I'm going to be okay!
I've had two weeks of vile tests, I had contemplated blogging the details - but just finding vocab to describe some of things was a struggle and as I was already feeling quite queasy myself I didn't want to put any of you lot off your dinner! So, I've waited till its all over and now it is. Scare over. I'm absolutely fine, in fact I've probably never felt better!
I'm not allowed to drive for 24 hours because they gave me loads of drugs in the hospital yesterday - I joked at the time to the nurse that they sedate you so you can't run away and then when I was waiting to be wheeled in, I overheard the nurses say that the next patient was threatening to run away and he'd done it before!
(I remember getting the flight urge when I had my little boy. I was having contractions even though I was meant to be having a planned Cesarean - and for some reason my mind was irrationally telling me to "run away - leave the building!" Luckily I didn't, although why I imagined I was capable of running... I was huge!)
So you can imagine, I am as full of positivity as you can be.
This may explain the decision to put on another dog show...!
I know I said never again, I know I expressed how lovely it was to have my summer back last year, but for some reason, throwing a huge dog party is something I'm obviously totally addicted to!
Here's the date for the diary - July 12th at Loseley Park, Near Guildford, Surrey.
It's called the Cold Wet Nose Show - click here to go to the website.
This time we'd be working with Assistance Dogs UK -(Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Canine Partners, Dogs for the Disabled, Support Dogs and Dog Aid).
There'll be camping - Loseley is a lovely, beautiful stately home and they are used to having people stay so hopefully it'll be a bit more civilised for the campers. Plus it's not going to be far to go to buy lovely Loseley yoghurt's for breakfast!
So what I'd love you bloggers to do is spread the word and the date, and also tell me what you'd like to see at this show. Let's have a blog brainstorm!
I've come up with a search for the Dog Brain of Britain - a search for the brightest dog. What other rings should we have? Please... put your thinking caps on and let's design the greatest dog show in the world.
Breed rescue and welfare orgs will all be offered a free space by the way. What name should we give the tent that has all those lovely people in it? Maybe "The Good Intent" - (the good - in -tent - no it isn't very good is it, drugs are obviously still in my system!) Can you do better?
If shy or you're unable to fathom how to leave a comment - you can email me direct - beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk


Anonymous said…
I was missing your posts and was about to send a message saying 'c'mon lady - remember your News Years Resolution!' but I'm very glad to hear your health scare is now over. Congrats on the new dog show!
Ems said…
As posted on VS forum...

A talk or something like on dog body language, preferably high lighting commonly missed things or commonly misinterpreted things (such as 'waggy tail = friendly' or 'panting = happy').

Oooh. A kids 'safety around dogs' event maybe? (thats just occurred to me so no further thoughts on that).

As mentioned earlier, a clicker training event - dogs 'loaned' by any rescues that wish to take part, handlers have 25 minutes to teach the dog 1 'trick' out of a selection of say 4 possibles - other people get to watch the clicker training going on and then at the end (after a break for the doggies), see who has learned the tricks the best.

Thus, showcasing how smart dogs are, how good clicker training is, and getting some publicity for rescues harder to home dogs.

Nother 'off the top of my head' thought... 'see the world from your dogs point of view'.. a sort of hands on experience thing where you have to tootle round on yourhands and knees and be surrounded by GIANT knees and feet and huge looming hands and stuff...(or maybe thats just scary...).

I should go to sleep now.
Beverley Cuddy said…
I like the clicker training ring and kids and dogs.

What world record should we try to break! I loved all the madness trying to do the biggest sit (you have to be careful how you say that!).

The dogs rehomed in a day, ethically dodgey I guess!

The most dogs microchipped - we had a great offer of £5 a dog and all that going to Labradoodle rescue! But most people attending our show would already have their dogs chipped.

Hmmm... there nust be something fun to do that the media would?

A wagathon? Something to do with sniffing as it's the cold wet nose. over to you!
alfmcmalf said…
I like ems' idea of a stand that gets you to see everything from the dog's point of view.

Could I also use it to launch a breeder core competency framework - a distance learning pack for them that helps to explain basics in genetics, diversity, breeding law, and the law of economics?

Or how about a stand called "Discover Dogs Diseases"?

Sorry am I not embracing the right mood here. Then a more fun option would be a live version of "guess the crosses" questions. Meet the hot crosses.

Sorry you've been poorly. Glad you're back.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Discover Dogs Diseases - love it - you're sense of humour is almost as dark as mine! Somehow think the KC may have a few issues with it, but it made me smile!

We've already got into enough trouble with our Little Black Book of hereditary diseases - no one could deny it was accurate, just certain people were a bit p'd off we published it and gave our advertisers a bit of grief.
Anonymous said…
well we always see dogs dressed how about the best dressed dog, and the most sillyest looking dog..erm perhaps owners would be offended, but it would make ppl like me laugh with a twisted sence of humor..lol

we could do little comps for the most obeadient dog to the most disobedient dog.

My dog love to dance and i am sure there are others, we could do a doggy come danceing competition.
Think i need a coffee and some sleep..lol

how about agilty for the owners..where they get to run around and run threw tunnels etc

Will think of more sensible ideas once i have had a coffee..hehe
Linda Ward said…
What about a searchathon of some kind? Most dogs can sniff a treat out.

Maybe the quickest to find a treat in a box filled with scrunched up paper, or have the owner hide in a 'hide' and the quickest dog to find them using only scent? Or a relay race, once one dog has found the treat or toy, the next one in their team can go? Teams to be mixed, so not all fab search dogs in one and all the other more laid back dogs who if at first they don't succeed decide they'd rather have a lie down in the sun in the other! Like flyball, but without the ball, the fly and the hurdles... Well, maybe leave small hurdles in there.

Not sure they are record breaking ideas, but they are certainly fun!

And please put me down for 1 small motorhome please. :)
Anonymous said…
Great news about the show!! Also pleased to hear you are in good health again - long may it last!!!
Anonymous said…
It sounds like a wonderful idea! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend as my baby is due on the 9th of July, but I look forward to reading about it and being there in spirit. :)

Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley, Glad you're okay.
How about a record "speak" or "down"?
We loved the have a go with your dog activities and games.
Jetty Dogs is a great activity to have a go and to watch, and fairly new to the UK too. Bet they'd love to come.
Great news about the show - looking forward to it!
Lorraine said…
Glad your black cloud has lifted...."what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

2008 is the 25th Anniversary of Pets as therapy...can we have a spot ?

The worlds biggest Dog walk ??
we could form an orderly line & walk a circuit.
(maybe check with the Guinness Book of Records for canine feats)

Will spread the word.
Anonymous said…
Your shows are always great (so is your magazine by the way)and we can't wait for this one. Guide Dogs will always help and offer support were needed
Anonymous said…
Congratulation on starting a new show , we need people like you helping to support dogs. I for one am telling all my friends the great news. Well done Beverley and all your team!
Anonymous said…
I'm so pleased that all turned out well. And the show... that's great news! I'll mention it in my next post.
Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley

Glad to hear you are feeling better & wonderful news about the dog show (just wish one was closer to us up north!).

Anyway when we came to the W&B show (is that a swear word now?) we really enjoyed the Fun Ring where we were put into groups to compete against each other with our dogs (sorry to be a bit vague - hope you know what I mean!).

How about dogs competing to retrieve toys from the water? May not be feasible but most dogs love swimming (also good on hot days).

Different ways to socialise dogs. My older dog went to training classes as a pup. She got attacked by a collie when she was an adolescent and hasn't forgotten. She ALWAYS warns a dog to stay away from her (despite having further training) - she was assessed and is not doing anything nasty she's just scared. I'm noticing more and more dogs behaving a similar way.

With the problem of older dogs being replaced by puppies is there some way of making older dogs more attractive/fashionable? I know these aren't the correct words - a dog is for life/part of the family - but there are some who do want pretty dogs or those in fashion. Isn't there a way of giving mixed breeds and older dogs equal status without making them the new "trend"? (sorry am just throwing random thoughts around here!)

Anything that teaches children and adults to respect and understand dogs is a good idea.

Alternative treatments for minor ailments (i.e when one of my dogs was young she was at the vets every few weeks with water infections which was costing a fortune (not the point) and not good for her having so many antibiotics. I bought herbal tablets to treat water condition and she's never looked back).

Hope the above helps!

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