Photoshoot panic as usual!

Our next photoshoot is on Thursday and we were hoping to feature two breeds in depth for our mega Fido Facts section - 12 plus pages of in-depth history, suitability, health etc. But Julia's best efforts at tracking down people is proving tricky.
The breeds we are looking for are Scottish Terriers and Schipperkes.
We've talked to loads of breeders but being in the run up to Crufts no one in Scotties wants to trim the dogs as they say it'll ruin them for Crufts and the Schipperkes we've found are out of coat.
The photography from these shoots is breathtaking and you get to keep some of it to use in breed books, Dogs World annual ads etc. Tim Rose is one of the best dog photographers in the world and his camera and equipment is worth £1,000s.
So if you know any Scottie or Schipperke people able to get to Slough this Thursday can they contact Julia on 01276 858880 or by email
Good pet examples would be lovely, too!
The Keeshonds that are coming are Champions, we do like to show a show standard example of the breed, plus what they are likely to look like in pet hands, too.
Please cross post this! Thank you!


Chapstaff said…
Hahahaha - you're always in a panic. That's what comes of being a hot shot executive. :-)

Don't know anyone with those breeds unfortunately, but I have a very cute Stafford puppy, hahaha

Good luck with the hunt.

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