Is there anybody there?

It's now a couple of years or so since my Mum died. I think about her often and my little boy talks about her all the time. But something a little unusual happened at the weekend, that I wanted to put down in words.
When my mum was ill, she was in a hospital nearby. In the next bed was an older gentleman and after a very long wait one day for results we all started talking. He was from a very old gypsy family. His wife came into visit and they told me they had a touring fair. They were very interesting but Mum got much worse and we moved to a ward where there was no one to talk to and things got worse and worse for us.
This weekend we saw some hand painted signs for a small fair in our village. We took the kids along and being such a hot day not many other people had ventured out - so the small fair was pretty much deserted apart from us.
Kieran wanted to have a go on the side stall where you can pick any bag with a long stick with a hook on it. The woman serving us looked familiar and when the gentleman came up I recognised him from the next bed to my mum's. He didn't recognise me.
Kieran picked a bag at random. When he pulled out his prize I nearly burst into tears. It was an exact replica of the Winnie the Pooh soft toy my mother had bought in probably the 1980s - her favourite dog was called Winnie. When I cleared her house after she had died the toy was there in pride of place next to her bed.
Coincidences. The toy will be treasured, whatever.


Chips said…
Awww. Special people stick around, wherever they are.
Anonymous said…
Oooh, spooky Beverley - but in a good way... What an amazing string of events! I'm sure she's still looking after you from up there...
My brother-in-law's mum died 18 months ago and whenever we're talking about her with him the lights flicker - it can be at their house, our house, hotel rooms, anywhere! When we had Xmas dinner at their house we raised our glasses and drank a toast to "Nanny". As we did, her photo standing in a frame on the bookshelves at the other side of the room fell over. It totally freaked us out - it had been in the same place for many months and never moved. Rosie
Chapstaff said…
That's lovely to read.

Although not religious in any way I like to think the spirit of those closest to us, (human or animal) stays around.

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