Is there anyone there? 2

No not more spookiness, just got so much work to do at the moment and really could do with an extra pair of hands in the run up to Cold Wet Nose.
It's Chobham office-based stuff at the moment that's most acute - but there'll be other jobs and loads of stuff on the day, too if you're further afield. Anyone looking for office experience to flesh out a CV or just would like a bit work before the summer? Please do email me -

It may take me a bit of time to answer as I'll be juggling!


Anonymous said…
Shame i would love to but work at another magazine locally and dont have the time with that too!
Beverley Cuddy said…
We have two wonderful people hopefully starting very shortly. God bless this blog. I've spent hundreds on adverts in the Guardian in the past with no where near the quality of applicant!

Anyone else wanting a job to do on the day of Cold Wet Nose - please do say. I'm still looking for lovely people to judge Top Dog - no experience required - just a heart prepared to be touched by a lovely story or a sweet doggie expression.
Anonymous said…
Have entered lots in the cold wet nose show but havent heard anything yet - should I have?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Lucy - what have you entered? If its Top Dog you should have had a confirmation by email - an e-ticket. Just had a look and I can't see you.

I can see an entry for Chloe in the cold wet nose awards, though. I'd say put her in Top Dog, too we've got some really very strong entries for Cold Wet Nose awards - really dramatic rescues and triumphs over adversity - it's hard to compete with these stories.

I've got your Dog Brain of Britain entry thanks - we'll send out an audition time a bit nearer the show - but don't forget Top Dog. I'll check against the master copy and make sure you get a timeslot for dog brain that doesn't clash if you do. Or perhaps Mina will when she starts on Wednesday!
Linda Ward said…
I'll start making a to-do list. :-D

I am really looking forward to Wednesday. :D
Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley,

Had entered top dog too, with Cold wet nose awards and brain of britain seperately.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Lucy

Did you enter on-line? Did you get an e-ticket? Or did you enter by post with a cheque?

Will investigate! It should all be automatic, sounds like something may have gone astray somewhere.


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