Perhaps it's a not such a long long way to Tipperary...?

We do get some unusual requests at Dogs Today, but I have to say this one is mind blowing!
Today the office got a call from Martin Bengtsson who lives in County Cork with 22 rescue dogs (several of them Beardies), 15 stray cats and a tame ferret. (He says his postal address is Cork, but his house is in Tipperary and his land is in Waterford).
He says he's 76 now and just had a couple of 'slight' heart attacks but it doesn't seem to be handicapping him greatly. He wasn't in when I called back as he warned Luke who took the call that he had two tons of hay to shift this afternoon.
Martin is concerned about what happens if he keels over and the pets suffer, so he'd very much like to welcome someone to his remote paradise. He says he's not in the least bit worried about kicking the bucket himself as he's had one hell of a life, but the critters' comfort matters a lot.
Ideally he'd like someone in their 40s-50s who can drive as he lives 14 miles from the nearest town and five miles from the nearest doctor!
It seems I met Martin 12 years ago in Curry Rivel in Somerset, but as I probably talked non-stop about dogs I never did discover the amazing things he'd done in his life. He's been described as a real 007 - a former spy, mafia man, art forger - really you name it!
I suggest you google him you need to know what you might be letting yourself in for! From the reviews of his books you won't be short of things to talk about - this is indeed is a man who has lived several lives already and most of them weren't in Ireland!
Here's a link to an interview I've stumbled across that really is extraordinary - his book is called "If you're not in bed by 10, come home".
If you'd like his phone number - please email me...
Sounds like the beginning of another book to me and who knows this might suit someone who wants to get away from it all. He's already said it doesn't matter if you have two heads - so long as you love dogs!

Another link I've stumbled and check out the articles on that page in the Guardian etc... what a character!


Martha said…
What a man! Definitely sounds like an article in the making....
bugs said…
Really hope this man finds someone, he sounds a right character.

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