Working 9 to 5 (6 actually!)

The long school holidays must have affected my brain! I have to be honest, but I can't actually remember meeting Martin from the last blog. I can't even remember going to Curry Rivel - or Somerset generally. He sounds a very memorable chap... maybe there is someone out there passing themself off as me? Today is the first full day in the office I've managed for weeks, roll on September! Could really do with two of me at the moment. One to hang out with young Kieran and one to go to work!
Something really weird happened today which made me think perhaps it's possible.
We'd been trying to keep up with our knowledge of the Northern Inuit, Utonagan and the Tamaskan situation. It had been prompted because we had a call a couple of days before asking why we didn't list the Tamaskan when we did include the other two in Furry Godmother. So I thought I'd do a bit of research and did a bit of Googling.
Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a kennel name I remembered from my youth - up in the North West as a junior handler of Beardies! Blustag was the kennel name - there was a stunning Tervuren locally that did ever so well in the ring - and the first ever Laekenois in the country, too. Apparently Lynn the lady behind these gorgeous BSDs was still going strong and was now a major force in the new Tamaskan.
I emailed Lynn straight away and reminded her I knew her from 30 years ago - telling her I did a dog mag now etc etc! And guess what - she wasthe same woman who had phoned us the other day to ask why we didn't include the Tamaskan!
And it turns out that not only did she remember me, but a few years before she'd seen a country and western singer who she swears was my double. She was so convinced it was me she went up and asked the lady her name and when she said 'Beverley', Lynn started talking about Beardies and the olden days up north and the woman started looking very scared indeed and gave her the brush off.
Lynn said she looked so much like me that she was left half wondering if it was really me and I was just in denial of my doggie past!
A singing career, meeting the real 007 - this other Beverley is having a whale of a time isn't she!


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