Another accolade for Jemima

The RSPCA has given their highest accolade, the Richard Martin Award, to Jemima Harrison for making the BBC One documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed. It is the first time the Award has been given to a film-maker.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed, which aired on BBC One last August to an audience of four million, highlighted health and welfare problems in pedigree dogs and led to the BBC suspending its coverage of Crufts after more than 40 years. The programme also led to the RSPCA, Dogs Trust and the PDSA pulling out of Crufts and three major reviews of dog-breeding in the UK. Soon after the broadcast, and in the face of continued pressure, the Kennel Club announced a raft of changes, including the revision of many breed standards and the banning of mother-to-son, father-to-daughter and sister-to-brother matings.

“Jemima's commitment ensured the programme was completed, often in the face of abuse from hostile individuals and groups, and the impact was enormous, igniting a ground-breaking debate about pedigree dog welfare,” says RSPCA Chief Executive Mark Watts.

The citation reads: “To Jemima Harrison, for her commitment to the welfare of pedigree dogs”.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed was commissioned by Richard Klein. Executive producer was Eamon Hardy for the BBC. Jemima and her cameraman partner Jon Lane made the film through Passionate Productions, which they run from their thatched cottage in rural Wiltshire. The couple has five dogs of their own, a mix of pedigree and crossbreeds.

“We’re the tiniest independent on the planet, and we’re very proud of what we have been able to achieve with Pedigree Dogs Exposed,” says Jemima, who is currently working on related projects.

Last year Jemima and brave Cavalier owner and campaigner Carol Fowler were invited to attend the Women of the Year Lunch in recognition of their efforts. This documentary has moved the debate along considerably and I'm sure the future health of dogs has already been much improved as a consequence.

Read Jemima's new column every month in Dogs Today. Well done Jemima and thank you for caring so much about dogs.


Clare said…
Well done Jemima,you deserve that award and I'm delighted to see your hard work getting the official recognition it deserves.
Chapstaff said…
Many, many congratulations to Jemima.
Very well deserved.
Chapstaff said…
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intheworks said…
All I can say is Ditto to the above comment. Congratulations Jemima. This is just fantastic.
intheworks said…
All I can say is Ditto to the above comment. Congratulations Jemima. I think this is just fantastic.
Anonymous said…
Well another waste of funds by the RSPCA......unlesss Passionate production have actually given away some of their prifits at last? but lets see if they get and award from Ofcom.............. or just exposed for not telliing the balanced picture and not JH own agenda seeking one

jo siemieniowski said…
Congratulation Jemima ! I was really pleased to read of your award, believe it or not I STILL get the odd email telling me to have Zak put to sleep, but the majority of emailers congratulate me for caring so much for him, and praisr P.D.E. for finally telling the truth about our poor dogs. so once again well done! you deserve it.
Anonymous said…

Good to hear Zak is happy and well looked after but could you put to rest the myth that he is not a full pedigree dog and that he wasnot registered at the Kennel Club. I am sure that in the spirit of openess and truth you can be allowed to reply to this.

jo siemieniowski. said…
sorry to dissapoint but the answer is yes he is a full pedigree dog, and so is tasha, and k.c registered. jo

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