Early start

Late last night got a call to say could I come in a bit earlier so we could go on twice - car picked Oscar and me up at 4.45. So you can imagine we're both a bit tired - oh and the Internet is still broken... grrrrr.
Oscar adored being the centre of attention and GMTV gets a 5 star rating from us as being ultra dog friendly, Oscar coudl not have been made more at home.
Great fun, jolly little item.
But I'll certainly sleep tonight!
Here's a still that @pixies_mum took of the TV. As you can see Oscar made himself very at home.


Anonymous said…
Aw bless. It must have been nice for you, too, to be cuddled by Oscar during the interview - how can you be nervous while stroking such a handsome fella?
Anonymous said…
I missed your appearance but was able to watch it online..!

Anonymous said…
watched it online - wasn't he GOOD - so well behaved and chilled out - superstar!!!!

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