Helping Rhona

Last blog I told you about a case Tailwaggers has got involved in. Things have moved on. Animal Aunts will be sending someone very special to look after Rhona's four dogs and eight cats while she gets her important scan.
The growth is growing very quickly and she is in great discomfort and her clothes are no longer fitting so we can't delay.
When she goes in for her operation it is likely to mean at least two to three weeks in hospital. Therefore dog sitters don't sound such an economic solution with there being so many pets. Although, realistically, it may be the only choice - if so Tailwaggers will need to launch an urgent appeal to help fund it. Roughly it will cost £84 a day plus the sitters food and travel - so if anyone can contribute via the Just Giving advert next to this blog I'm sure it would make a big difference.
The other alternative is short-term fostering for her assortment of mainly rescued pets.
There are two young feisty Patterdales (Ronnie and Reggie) who are not good with other pets and need to stay muzzled around them.
A gentle brother and sister Labrador cross, one of whom is blind and diabetic.
Four indoor cats including one of extreme old age. And four outdoor cats in their own run.
The Patterdales and LabXs can easily be split into two groups, in fact that may be preferable!
If anyone can foster any of these pets in the very near future can you please get in touch?
My email address is
What has been surprising is how there doesn't seem to be any other charity that Rhona can turn to. She has been told no by everyone.
They are based in Workington, Cumbria.

Please read the earlier blog for more info...


Trish, Watford said…
Wish I could help but I already have pets, and not in the right area. Have you tried The Cinnamon Trust?
Trish, Watford said…
Oh, sorry - just read the previous blog and see you've already talked to them. I hope you find fosterers soon. Best wishes to the lady and her beloved pets.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sadly they said no - they could only help if Rhona was diagnosed as terminal and was bedridden with a Macmillon nurse. Lots of their supporters and volunteers have said they'd help independently if they were nearer.
Trish, Watford said…
I posted a link to this blog on a forum I use that is full of pet lovers, and I know some are in the area. I hope you get help soon.
Ruthie said…
Have cross posted to the Labrador Forums in case there are any people who foster nearby.

Fingers crossed that it all works out ok.
Unknown said…
have you tried

which in the North east to help with the gundogs.


Linda Ward said…
Are the Patterdales both male? I assume that from their names, but I guess Ronnie could be a girl? If one is female I could possibly take her for the few weeks, depending on when it all happens.
Paul Neal said…
Im based in Swadlincote (DE11)
I would love to help, i have a 2yo Choc Lab boy (intact) who would love some company

mail me

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