Pedigree Dogs Exposed extra

Just released, some bits that hit the cutting room floor. This strand is all Dave Cavill, Our Dogs proprietor who has often complained that his words didn't get included.

I'm aware that you can't see all the screen, if you'd like to see it in full click here.


Anonymous said…
So Fluffykins I thought you just employed JH on your staff (well you did have to replace that "Let Kill all the GreyHounds" Vet Emma now didnt you. But I see you now are her own puppet and she pulls teh strings..........wonder if she is ready to tell us in advance just what Ofcom have decided...........or does she not trust you with this info .............or is it like everything else she touches (like that hacked together clips here) cut and shopped and spinned to suit her own view? Kindess of regards Sirius
Pai said…
He has no clue how awful he sounds? So shallow and ignorant and elitest. People like him are doing more damage to dog breeding and dog shows than even an army of anti-pet AR nuts.
Anonymous said…
Have you seen Terrierman's commentary on this clip! Classic!

Is Sirius drunk?
Jemima Harrison said…
Oh go on, Beverley, tell Sirius how much you pay me. Or perhaps it's how much I pay you? After all, surely neither of us would do it purely because we feel strongly that dogdom deserves better? As for Ofcom, Sirius, you'll just have to wait, like the rest of us, for the final ruling to be published on Ofcom's website.
alfmcmalf said…
Oh Beverley thanks for bringing this to my attention. Crying with laughter here.

And of course this is a posting that brings double joy as I see it has got Sirius' goat.

The posts that do that are my favourites.

Beverley Cuddy said…
Sirius, I greatly value Jemima's contributions because she writes so intelligently and so obviously from the heart - one of the many organs you don't seem to possess. No matter how much money I had it would never be enough to thank her for what she's done for dog health. Fact is Jemima writes for us for precisely no payment. She writes because she is passionate about dogs.

And as for Ofcom it would seem that it's you and your KC mates that seem to have been totally incontinent during this process!

As to being critical of the editing of this film sequence - would you have liked to hear even more of the dog world according to Dave? Would a longer sequence make what he is saying any more sensible? As you can hear he definitely gets a fair "crap of the whip."

And Sirius, why are you so ashamed to admit to who you are and what you do? Being a KC General Committee member really shouldn't be something to be that ashamed of... well come to think of it, I can see your point!
Anonymous said…
GOSH BC you and JH could never be credible investigative reporters now could you!!!! as you both get your facts about me as wrong or muddled , as you are about telling the balance and whole truth about dogs, and not the rent a mouth version you both like to be, as for paying JH nothing.........well that is about what her valued opinion is worth.....after all she has already made hundreds of thousands peddling PDE and it re-cut version to overseas TV (yes JH the ones that had to have the Nazi and other eugenic lies removed and not just cause the needed to trim time for adverts) So the BBC did not consult JH on the ruling despite it being with their legal team for the past couple of weeks....well perhaps they want to distant themselves from her now......but only time will tell. JH once made a proud boast she knew just who I am and has BC (including some very odd guesses) well published and be dammed............ if you think you know me say so, if I am on the KC GC name the name, but as I have said accuracy on facts has not been either f you twos strong points now has it, but go say who I am and if your right I will be happy to confirm so.
You clip on here is another produce of the unbalanced editors cutting ......if you want to publish more why not just publish a complete UNCUT version, and while your doing that why not publish ALL the material you cut out from the interview with the BVA president instead of the couple of seconds you did use I hear he did speak to JH for about 1 hour, but she decided not to show his expert opinion, why not show his full interview on Youtube if you have nothing to hide?
PS I see phillipa still hasn’t commented on encouraging the use of untested dogs to produce her own pet..........but slams other for the same practice.......its again a case of do as I say but not as I do

Sirius.......I dont expect this to be published as BC I know you cant back up your claims
Retrieverman said…
This man is simply delusional. Ms. Harrison was doing him a favor by not letting his comments appear in Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

I feel sorry for him. He's been so socialized within this framework that he can't see that his logic is faulty.

He's got nothing but canards and non sequiturs.

He's in the wrong business. He should have gone into politics!

I particularly love getting trollish comments on my blog that use poor grammar and are full of typos (and conspiracy theories.)

Keep up the good work.
Claire M said…
Based on his appalling grammar, which results in comments barely making sense, my guess is that Sirius is a (bottom of the class)primary school pupil...
Karen Wild BA (Hons) Dip App Psych said…
I am not on anybody's 'payroll' and I think the ravings of 'Sirius-nobody' are doing his or her supposed cause more harm than good in any case.
It makes no difference what was cut or added, the facts are clearly evident in this piece - the man is speaking his own words, no-one is adding them in, we can clearly hear the questions too.
I fully support the campaign for better health and education in breeding dogs. I applaud the documentary makers for shaking up this industry.
I look forward to similar focus on the dog training industry too, of which I am part.
Anonymous said…
I am surprised “Sirius” keeps pushing this as no doubt there is more damaging material on the cutting room floor that the KC would not want to be aired. Maybe “Sirius” is doing the reverse psychology in hope the KC is ousted more LOL.

Keep up the brilliant work Beverly and Jemima both of you have very nice heart conditions the dogs need change now and if others cannot see this one day they will.
Chapstaff said…
I realise that this is only snippets of the interview, but surely David Cavill himself wouldn't have wanted his words included.
Of course he didn't have a chance to prepare, so that excuses the stammering & the comment about giving the dogs a fair "crap of the whip" lol.....
but listening to him is painful.
I had to laugh (incredulously) at his comment about the 2 minutes spent judging a dog compared to the "7th of a second it takes a man to decide if a woman is attractive"
If those clips are anything to go by he should be relieved his interview wasn't shown, hasn't he ever wondered why it was ommitted!
Anonymous said…
This is all starting to get to be a bit much. Beverly I believe you are passionate about what you do but singleing out people to riducule on this blog leaves me feeling uncomfortable. Your magazine has become unenjoyable to look at as it is so full of negativity and politics. This topic is one facet of the world of dogs and its starting to seem like you and Jamima are just building your careers on this subject. Sorry but its how I feel.
Beverley Cuddy said…
I dislike bullies and I hope by showing Dave's clips I'm not seen as picking on him!
Dave knew he was talking to a TV camera and he is experienced and competent being part of the media himself and a KC member, too.
The dog show media have frequently been very personal in attacking the people who featured in or produced Pedigree Dogs Exposed. Most recently last week's front page of Our Dogs for example contained some unjustified unsubstantiated sleights against Jemima Harrison.
Here I merely show Dave's own words - I have not given any commentary.
Dave and I are friends and have been for 20 plus years but that hasn't prevented him commenting on my involvement in the programme on You Tube and in his paper etc.
We both have our differing points of view and so far his haven't been as widely heard as his words didn't make it into the documentary.
I have heard no complaints from David at his contributions being finally made available.
He has constantly complained that his input wasn't used - now it can be seen and heard - at length.
I do admit that there are several things Dave says in these clips that if he were talking to me directly we would engage in a very lively debate - but I suspect he was just reflecting what many in the show world thought at the time. The fact that people in the show world are now complaining that these views are embarrassing does fill me with real hope for the future.
Post PDE transmission I am hoping Dave too would know that the Cavaliers he sees at shows may all look lovely - but that far from being healthy 50% will have heart problems and a certain percentage will also be affected by the dreaded syringomyelia.
To now complain when I simply let someone say the opposite view to my own on my blog seems a bit rich!
No one forced him to say these things!
Anonymous said…
True no one forced him to say these things but this was EDITED to show what PDE Producers want people to see to suit THEIR own VIEW, they have not shown the whole of the interview now have they?, infact from the people I have spoken too unless you fitted to what they wanted to say anything recorded was either discarded or edited to hardly anything or presented out of context. I think the vast majority have now agreed that PDE was very biased and had no balance at all, some still try to argue it did, so I have looked back over the film and counted up the amount of time to see how much was positive.............just 54 seconds, this was the amount of time it took to give the words about that some health testing is done (but no mention of what or how much or for how long) the fact that funding is provided by the KC (but again not how much or for how long and what range and what has been achieved, or who the Vets and breeders (mainly show breeders) have been working for generations to solve the problems together (from the 1940’s in the Irish Setters case over sixty years) if the producers of PDE really wanted to show a complete picture of the health of all dogs in the country just allowing no balance or smudging the great deal of good work that has and is being done into less than 1% of the programmes running time, is really to have deceived the public and done more harm to dogs by not exposing the positive health virtues of the vast majority of dogs, the public could of been educated by this programme but a valuable opportunity was lost they as were not given a opportunity to see the whole and balanced picture. Its little wonder that they now see and copy celebrities buying lab/poodle crosses and buy them at over inflated prices the parent of which are not health tested and from breeder who could not care less happily breeding past the 8th birthday of the bitch and with little checking of suitability of the dog to the new owner and their ability to cope or lifestyle is suitable to have this (or any) type of dog.
Anonymous said…
How can anyone possibly compare the world of the disabled human being with the life of a similarly disabled dog, maybe we should endeavor to train our so afflicted canines in the art of conversation then we need not concern ourselves with these matters
Any comparison to the human state is flawed from the onset, life quality is simply not comparable
The more these people speak the more as someone deeply involved in pedigree dogs I wish someone would speak sense,logic, use science,technology and learn the lessons of those that have gone before
Just because you have been doing it for the prerequisite 40 years dosnt make it right
I would love to believe you, it would make my world simpler, i could continue in the same way BUT the sense and logic all seems to come from the people who can see, who recognise the "King is naked"
Beauty can NEVER come before health if at all preventable NEVER
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sirius, nice to see you've sobered up a bit. But while you were watching PDE with your stop watch how come you didn't click for Margaret Carter and Carol Fowler? Their initiatives looked pretty positive to me.
And even though you're just being plain anonymous this evening I still recognised you, the thing is no one else watches PDE with a stop watch apart from the cronies at the KC!
Anonymous said…
can we move on now? this is getting tiresome. these clips should come with the subtitle : warning, views expressed are those of the speaker, not the dog show community as a whole!

this doesn't build a case against responsible dedicated breeders, just points out errors and misinformation in someones judgment.
Alexa said…
I can see why some would want to move on as the film clip is very revealing. However anonymous cannot really get away with the "this speaker does not represent the views of our community as a whole" claim. Because as I saw earlier in the year on You Tube this man clearly does appoint himself as some kind of spokesperson for your community.

If you really want this debate to move on anonymous I suggest a couple of things:

Get yourself better spokespeople. Ones that can grasp the science and are open minded enough to debate without recourse to libel and the regurgitation of long cherished myths about dog breeding.

Get more people in your community to actually adopt a wider range of better breeding practices. I am afraid a hip score here and an eye test there is simply not enough.

Get the large proportion of your community who are so deep in denial about the harm they do to their dogs through the yearning for type and exaggeration to wake up and smell the coffee.

And if you don't wish to see more excrutiatingly embarrassing clips like this, and that ridgeback and cavalier breeder in the main bit of the film get more of your people to stop providing the film crew with such peaches of idiocy.

As for the comment higher up about Dogs Today magazine I have to say that this is pretty much the first year that I have bought it every month because it is now providing real substance on a regular basis.
Anonymous said…
sounds like the last post is creeping for either discount or their own column!!! many breeders woul love to test more than just hip and eyes (but both theses schemes have seen vast improvements in breeds) but so far there ARE NO test they can use depite many years of research, for those breeds where RELIABLE test are available they are proving of great use, but many of the things are not actual tests to see if a condition will be passed on/or developed they are just to show if a dog does or does not now HAVE the condition at that time, just look back (as you say you have only taken DT for 1 year I am making a big assumption that you have not been involved with dogs for long)the original BVA eye scheme required a dog only to have THREE clear passes to be considered clear for LIFE, and as a reult some problems still came out, but breeders pushed for please dont judge on small snips of info you might hear or see on agenda focused sources, look at the bigger and for a more balanced picture, and dont tarr all breeders with the same brush
Anonymous said…
hi alexa, i agree with almost all of your points. unfortunately science has not given us all of the tests we need to eradicate disease, how i wish it was that simple.

surely in your own breeding program you have seen that no matter how many tests you perform, sometimes nature has other plans? what exactly is your proposed theory on selecting breedable animals?

despite the lunacy in many of the comments and speakers shown to represent ''the dog world'' there
are lots of dedicated show breeders giving it their all to ensure the best for their dogs.

remember that people are making careers on this subject and those who vilify the very people who ARE making a difference are as unscrupulous as the puppy farmers.
In the pink said…
Pedigree breeders should be using ALL the health tests that they have access to but as in everything there are caring and uncaring breeders.The trouble doubles because backyard breeders churn out pups for cash and don't give a damm who buys them perpetuating the whole sorry mess.
Anonymous said…
"And Sirius, why are you so ashamed to admit to who you are and what you do? Being a KC General Committee member really shouldn't be something to be that ashamed of... well come to think of it, I can see your point! "

So then BC you make a big claim so why don’t you say which member of the KCGM you say I am.............. if your right I will make a very BIG contribution to Tailwaggers............and if you’re wrong.......well lets say the KC Charitable Trust donation you will make will be a tax write off I am sure, why not let Ms Harrison make her claim public too she keeps of saying she know my name and what role she says I have in the KC............. go on prove just how good a journalists you two really are ...... or are you more bark than bite when it comes to your claims?

Beverley Cuddy said…
Gosh Sirius you didn't like being outed as a General Committee member of the KC did you!

Bet you get told off by the others?

There is a very simple way of ending this silly game - just tell everyone who you are.

What have you got to hide? If necessary get some counselling so you feel better about who you are and what you do - or indeed change what you do if you feel so much shame that you can't even tell people your name.

People are broad minded. I count some KC committee members as my friends, they've been to the house and give them cups of tea - well mugs actually didn't get the fancy teacups out.

True they tend to put a blanket over their heads on the way in and out in case one of their mates might see them fratenising with the enemy!

But times they are a changing and you can come out of that stuffy closet, Sirius. You can even come around for tea, too if you like.

Time for Jaw Jaw not War War as some chap who looked like an unreformed Bulldog may once have said.
Anonymous said…
BC (although I think I do think Fluffykins is more appt) as per usual you get your so called facts twisted, BOTH you and Ms Harrison have made very public claims that I am a member of the KCGC (and I won’t make mention of the other little slurs /digs you have made but manner do maketh the man.....or woman), and that you BOTH know who I am, but time and time fail to say who , odd considering you both seem to love making wild claims, I have never said I am on ANY Committee of the KC yet you still think and go on that I PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!!! after all both you and JH are happy to spout out to any TV program or Newspaper or Magazine things you cant prove, so why not make this claim public good..........? as for you having people to your house for tea, would you rather not come up to the 4th floor and enjoy tea under the gaze of "Longspan", and you can hand over the check to the KC Charitable Trust at the same time. So are you BOTH journalists with knowledge...................... or is there just lots of bark and no bite!!

Beverley Cuddy said…
But Sirius if you don't tell us who you are then there's no way of proving or disproving who you are!

And as to your invite to the fourth floor I don't think they'll let you sign us in anonymously!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sirius - and how will we recognise you?

Will you be carrying a copy of the KC Breed standards and carrying a bunch of flowers?

I don't think you've thought this through - a little like many of the KC schemes!
Anonymous said…
Clearly sirius is well in with the KC or else he would not know the detail of the 4th floor.

By adopting that persona, by persisting with your self centred game, Sirius you are helping your cause how?
jo siemieniowski said…
The man is an idiot!!!
Anonymous said…
I am wondering what Karyn will do with that!!!

Kind regards,

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