A hole new product area

It's not yet April 1st is it?
Just stumbled upon this extraordinary website.
This is a company called Rear Gear that apparently makes little air fresheners to hang over your dog or cat's bum.
It says Trademark pending, so don't all rush to steal this idea.
They've obviously spotted a hole in the market!
Just imagine the possibilities for marketing slogans on those little bottom modesty hangers.
Best idea must win some sort of prize... surely.


Anonymous said…
For GSDs: How am I driving? Phone the KC vet if I wobble

Or for Bulldog ladies: A no exit sign. (Caesar's only!)

My mind is whirring with ideas!
Unknown said…
Boggle! Although it does appear that out of 4,500+ viewings on Etsy, there have been only 50 sales. I am just trying to imagine my animals' reactions to having one of these tied to their tails - and the reactions of my neighbours, who already wonder about my sanity! ~I like the idea of No Exit - or for my small, pedigree bitches, No Entry may be equally appropriate.
Anonymous said…
How did you just 'stumble' over this site?
The mind boggles!
Tc27 said…
Ewww! 'No more Mr Brown Eye'!
Is a very odd product!

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