Time to enter the caption competition!

Can you think of an amusing or thought-provoking caption for this photo? Email your best efforts to comps@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk for the chance of a lovely prize from the Company of Animals and your name appearing in print!



PBurns said…
I am DOM-eeeen-ate.

I am calm and assertive.

I am thee dog wheees-perer.


marley said…
Far too late, Dave realised he had been wearing the beer goggles the night before
marley said…
Ok, Ok, you can be pack leader today.
Anonymous said…
I just wish that annoying bitch would get off my back...

If I win please give my prize to charity!
Anonymous said…
Sammy thought the dog bed her owners had bought for her was just far too literally executed.

Prize to the office dogs if i win please - Anon
Anonymous said…
Derek Acorah told Shep that his favourite grandmother Red was never very far away, but still sometimes it felt like he had a huge weight on his shoulders.

Connor Wallace
He aint heavy, he's my bruvver.
Tomjay said…
lovely dogs

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