Two Tailwaggers cases

Just wanted to direct you to the Tailwaggers blog where we have two new cases where extraordinary help is needed to solve them. We don't tell you when it's an average case, but anything that needs a really big push to solve we open up rather than just tell people we can't help.

One is a young dog who has lost his sight. A dog given a good home after his first owner couldn't cope, but being a pre-existing condition the new owner couldn't insure and is struggling to find the money to even have one eye operated on - and it's a time sensitive op.

The other is a Pet Passport cock-up compounding an already very stressful situation. The credit crunch made the family's business venture overseas collapse and they needed to return to Britain ASAP. Poor vet advice overseas meant the dogs' pet passports weren't valid and at border control the dogs had to go into unexpected and expensive quarantine. Stress has made one of the owners very poorly and this has made it really had for the couple to raise the funds to pay the bill as wife has become carer for her husband. Wonderful Home Counties Boxer Welfare has offered to advance the money so the dogs can get released on time, but in the meantime we need to raise some funds to pay this charity back!

Click here to read the stories and see the photos.


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