Will Snowflake melt your heart?

Urgent email just in, can you help?
Snowflake is a Staffie cross of approx nine years old who came into my rescue two years ago. She came in from Yorkshire and had been picked up as a stray and never claimed and was due to be put to sleep. She was the last one on the list who had not been helped.
Snowflake was not an easy job to start with. She came in as a very scared little girl and needed a huge amount of confidence building. She was trialled at a foster home, but was returned for guarding the wife too much. That was when it was decided that she would have to stay here for a couple of months to improve her social skills. She stayed with me for about three months and was mixed with other dogs, cats, children and strangers.
The problem with Snowflake is that she is an obvious abuse case. She can be handshy, but with her handler and once she has gained your trust she is one of the nicest dog that I know. I adore this dog. She loves me and I have no problems with her at all. In my opinion she is easy to handle, has fantastic recall and is so tuned into her owner that it puts all of my own dogs to shame!
Snowflake loves to play fetch and has a great retrieve. She will play this game all day if you allow her to. She normally likes to wander around the garden with a log or a toy in her mouth. It seems to be a bit of a comforter to her.
Snowflake was homed to a family with older teenage children. All was fine until she met a relative with very bad MS. He was very shaky and when he tried to fuss Snowflake she got worried and snapped at him. This was down to her not being introduced properly. She was returned to us and stayed here for a while longer.
In all this time I had never had any problems with Snowflake and never have.
Snowflake's next home lasted for about four months. A younger couple who Snowflake was very happy with.
She had a habit of getting very over-excited when the doorbell rang.
They hired a dog behaviourist who told them after five minute s of watching(!) that she should be euthanased because her habit would never be fixed.
The people who adopted her were not bad people, but naive and so thought that because this advice had been offered by a 'professional', that it must be accurate. They took her to the vets to have the deed done along with her paperwork. Luckily the vets were on the ball and saw the clause in the contract that the rescue had to be contacted should the animal need to be put to sleep and so contacted me for permission. Which obviously I said no way to!
They then took her on holiday with them and had a great week and returned her seven days later.
Snowflake has now gone into foster care. She lives with two Alaskan Malamute bitches and a cat and although she is 'ok' with this situation, sometimes she can get toy possessive and needs to be kept in check. It is far preferable to home this lady somewhere that she can get all the attention. So we are looking for a home where she can be t he only dog.
Snowflake needs a home with no young children and confident handlers. Either someone on their own or a couple who are willing to allow her to settle and blossom as she does when she is here.
She exercises well with other dogs, but doesn't appreciate it if they start on her...she will stick up for herself! She likes to do the Staffie leap of faith into your arms and is loving, affectionate and cuddly to those she trusts.
Snowflake is fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.
You must have a fully enclosed garden with fence heights of at least six foot high. Snowflake can be left for short periods of time on her own. She is not destructive. A homecheck will be carried out and a rescue minimum donation applies.
If you can offer Snowflake a home for life then please contact me.

Furry Friends Animal Rescue (Surrey)
Tel: 020 8407 1080/0797 356 9371
Email: Adrs@aol.com


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