The Italians are home...

If you like happy endings read on.

Just heard that both Milo and Oscar are both reunited with their owners. Fantastic news.
Just saw this email about Milo... Poor Shelley is still seaching for her Jacob though, more than a year missing. Do please have a look at her blog, Jacob may be living somehwere near you?

Don't know full details - Jane from Doglost just rang and MILO is safe - Cathy was putting on new plasters on her poorly feet, two cyclists went by, and Milo just casually jumped into the back of her car ! Poor Cathy screamed with absolute joy and the cyclists stopped to ask her why! How amazing is this news - I am in floods of tears this is SO fantastic - please spread the word to everyone Cathy will no doubt update everyone later - :o))))))))))


Do you know anything about Jacob ?
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