Come on, make us laugh!

Can you think of a funny caption to go with this photo? We'll be judging at 2pm so do get your thinking caps on! Lovely prizes from Pet Head this month plus we're giving an additional online prize for the best entry of the bag that everyone wants... forget DKNY, the smart folk are carrying DCYD (Don't Cook Your Dog). This model will be the two-sided version featuring the iconic logo and a print of Kevin Brockbank's the Howl. You can order these by clicking here if you're not lucky enough to win one. I have one and I keep being stopped by people asking where I bought it! Click here

Email your entries to asap or add your caption to the thread on our Dogs Today facebook page! God luck bagging the prize!

(my God/Good literal above turned out to be spookily predictive of the winning caption!)

And the winners are:
If you recognise your entry email your name and address to
Congrats to the winners!

September Caption Competition Winner
The Lurcher on the Mount. Blessed are those who bleat, as they shall inherit the straw bales. 

Mina Ward

September Caption Competition Runners-up
Here’s looking at you kid
Claire Hudson, via Facebook

Oh deer, hound, has super-nanny sent you to the naughty spot again?
Julia Philp

Everyone say, erm, “goats cheese”?
Pat Robinson, via Facebook

High on a hill is a lonely goatherd lady oda lady oda lay woof woof
Judith Sennet

Waiter, waiter, there’s a dog in our hay!
Ruth Shaw, via Facebook


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