Pet safety in cars

Did you see Friday's BBC One Show about dogs being unrestrained in cars? I'll upload a clip as soon as I can, but people are asking about where to find the petition to make it against the law to have dogs unrestrained, so here is a link to the existing petition. Does anyone know if this petition, if successful would trigger a parliamentary debate - don't you have to set up a petition on the Number 10 system for that to work? I've applied for a joint one for car restraints and dogs left in hot cars. Will take a while, but pretty certain other petitions will not work.

Please note it's already been pointed out that the website hosting this petition sells electric collars, choke chains etc which is very disappointing as you know our stance on aversive training methods. But the petition is still a good idea. Let's hope they evolve and change their ways.

Here's a link for crash-tested car harnesses. Will add more links for other products as people tell me about them.

Click here for Xtra Dog.

And of course, the fantastic who do crash tested crates and harnesses.

Hello to anyone who heard the item on Talk Radio Europe this morning - sorry it took me a bit longer to get the links online. Husband had made me breakfast so had to delay going online!


TJam said…
Is it safer for dogs to wear harness or go in secure crate? I can't imagine it is good for them to hit the crate at 30mph or are they so close the it kind of buffers them?

My 2 dogs are in a van in a divided giant size crate (hope to get robust one soon having watched crash test). They are directly behind the seats, rather than in the rear crumple zone.

I wonder if they wouldn't be safer harnessed to an anchor point, so at the least the harness would hold them securely rather than them smashing into the front of the cage. However, crates come as recommended, so are they ok?

All ideas welcome.

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