Happy news for a Friday

The Chobham missing Shih Tzu has been found! Someone had taken it in two days ago. Apparently they saw the lost dog posters that had been liberally plastered everywhere and realised the dog was missed. Presumably they'd have kept the dog otherwise!
I think an article on what to do if you find a stray dog is needed. You might have seen references in the Skoda blogs to ringing the RSPCA - well those in the know will realise that is not who you ring these days. It's not even the police.
It's the dog warden these days - but how many people know that?


Anonymous said…
Hi Bev

We at Dog Theft Action have just had our second symposium to discuss the way forward. Sadly the "theft of dogs by finding" is more common then most folk would like to believe. I totally agree with you...the seed of an article relating to this issue is planted?

One of our guest speakers on the day was Trevor Cooper and in his speech he covered various aspects of the law with regards to dog ownership and matters relating to Dog theft. The dog owning community needs an urgent wake up call to issues that we all blindly ignore...at our peril!

luv Allen and Endal
Chapstaff said…
It's kind of someone to take in a stray dog, but surely the people had the sense to realise the dog was a healthy, well cared for pet, not a thin, starving stray.

How long would they have kept the dog if they hadn't seen the posters?
As Allen says - theft by finding!!

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