Happy endings!

If you read the blog back when we told you about Caroline and Harry you'll be delighted to see these photos. Click here and here to catch the story from the beginning if not.
After enduring terrible domestic violence at the hands of her husband, Caroline fled her home with nothing more than her clothes and her beloved dog, Harry. She found herself suddenly homeless in Cardiff and soon realised that finding accommodation would be a struggle. Caroline could not bear to be parted from her best friend but the Housing Association’s “no pets” policy meant she would have to rehome her five-year-old Tibetan Terrier.
Harry had provided vital support for Caroline during this very difficult time so she stood her ground and wrote to the United Welsh Housing Association with a reference for her impeccably behaved pet. After meeting Harry for themselves, project workers realised how necessary he was for Caroline’s well-being and decided to make them a test case to see if their policy could be reviewed in the future. Caroline cannot praise the Housing Association enough for granting this exception and helping her to start rebuilding her life.

“If Harry had been put into a dog pound he would have starved himself, I know he would,” says Caroline. “I don’t know where I would have been without Harry. He is not just part of my life, he is a part of me. We come as a package and he is my soul mate. Harry’s not a barker and will only bark if someone knocks on the door. People don’t even realise he’s there.”
Caroline is currently struggling to get back on her feet and make a new life for her and Harry but financially it is very difficult. After Caroline has paid her utility bills out of her £59 a week income support there is very little left for food so a project worker contacted the Tailwaggers charity for help - and I'm the Chairman so it landed on my desk.
As you all hopefully now know, Tailwaggers Trust is a very small charity which helps pet owners who have fallen on hard times. Click here to find out more about Tailwaggers. When I put out an appeal for anyone to help feed Harry on this blog, Liz who runs OrganiPets emailed to offer that same day!
OrganiPets has agreed to provide Harry with as much of its Premium Complete organic food free of charge, until Caroline is back on her feet again. This has given Caroline peace of mind knowing that her beloved Harry will be well fed.
“I can’t tell you what a relief it was when OrganiPets came forward and offered to help Harry,” says Caroline. “After paying my bills there is very little left for food and I would always make sure Harry ate first. Harry loves OrganiPets’ food and he should, as it’s a top brand. He’s very lucky!”
Harry is a Tibetan Terrier of distinction, with an impressive pedigree, so it is only right that he should be eating the very best food.
OrganiPets Premium Complete food contains human grade organic free-range chicken with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Furthermore, no pesticides or fertilisers are used in the process.
OrganiPets food is hypoallergenic and contains organic rice, rather than the usual wheat or soya, as it is easier to digest. This makes OrganiPets the natural choice for animals with sensitive stomachs. Click here for their website.
As Christmas is coming, should any of you feel like helping Caroline and Harry out with any toys and treats - which you might imagine still aren't that easy to finance on her very low income - even with the food coming free, please email me and I'll you give you an address to send stuff to.
Any lovely pet insurers out there who might want to really make their Xmas by giving them a year's free insurance - please do please get in touch. (Well it's worth a try!)


Chapstaff said…
What a great "ending" So pleased everything is getting easier now for Caroline & Harry.

I hope this "test case" helps organisations to come round to the idea that our pets really are our lifelines & help us to stay sane. They give many homeless people a reason to go on.

Dogs are like children, sometimes noisy, sometimes naughty, but no-one would think of banning children from being rehoused with their parent/carer.

Well done to the United Welsh Housing Association for using a bit of common sense.

Well done to OrganiPets too.
Ems said…
Im really pleased to read this ending as well.

As someone who has found just HOW easy it is to end up at the bottom of the slippery slope, homeless and on the streets I am so happy that Caroline had the mental and emotional strength to push for Harry to be allowed to stay with her - to pin your hopes on something like that and risk further rejection when you are already at rock bottom is incredibly hard to do.

I would like to give Caroline and Harry a gift if at all possible, (and if they would like it!) of a handmade leather collar and lead, if you could forward my details I would be most greatful - www.canis-equus.co.uk / emma.judson@gmail.com

Flowerpot said…
I'm so pleased to hear the good news about Caroline and Harry - good for her for having the guts, in terrible circumstances, to fight for her beloved dog. I'd like to help them at christmas - my email address is flower.pot@btinternet.com
Beverley Cuddy said…
Aren't you lovely people!

Just getting the address - may take a while as the housing assistant only works part time!
Linda Ward said…
After a relationship break up my brother is now living in a caravan in our parent's front garden with his dog (on income support). He can't stay in the house, because there is too much trouble between his staffy/bull terrier cross and one of my mother's dogs.

Anything that helps keep owners and dogs together is worth doing! He comes and mows my lawn, I buy food for his dog. When winter comes it'll be more difficult, but we'll get through.

I'm so glad Caroline wasn't separated from her dog, they are the reason we go on getting up in the morning when there's no other reason to.
Ems said…
"Aren't you lovely people!"

Nah. I've had my share of 'nice things people did that they didnt have to do'... time to pass it along I think :D

If you can find out Harry doglets neck size I can cut out his collar and lead and make a start (though not much as I,ll need to know colour etc etc).
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sorry for the delay re where to send stuff for Harry and his neck size.

Caroline's care worker has been off work for about a month. And I've just realised I've not got her reply to my email at home.

Will blog the details on Monday - thank you all for being so generous!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Gifts for Caroline and Harry can be sent c/o Ceri
184 Corporation Road.
CF11 7AY

and just got this message re colar sizes:
"Also we measured Harry's current collar which is 18.5 inches from end to end, do those measurements help? She would be delighted to receive a hand made collar from your reader, again many thanks."

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