Moved & Skoda say sorry...

We're all relaxing a bit now after our hectic morning of moving. We must be getting good at it to get finished in less than a day. But I guess we've all had enough practise. The boxes are unpacked, the computers are plugged in and the phones are off divert.
Our 'new' old office is so much bigger than we remembered. For three months we squeezed into the tiny Barns and to be honest, it was really quite fun being all in the same room. Now it takes us ages to walk to the kitchen to make the tea and we have to shout to talk to each other!
We'll get used to it here again, soon - and then the rain will come...
We'll be taking our warm indoor loos for granted in no time. We'll forget that we once had a 'convenience' where the doors didn't lock. They weren't even really doors - they were actually shutters that didn't go all the way down to the floor or meet in the middle!
If you want to know more there are photos on Jennie's (our office manager) blog click here
Did you see the latest Skoda comment from the dealership? I'll copy it here so you don't have to try too hard to find it. If indeed the majority of the people who work at Barker's Skoda dealership in Hull are dog lovers what a shame that the man who Gottfried had to deal with very obviously wasn't. Had Gottfried been told that the dog had simply escaped he'd never have got in touch. I quote from Gottfried's email as to his recollection of the events...

"Returning to the Showroom (the doors were closed!) immediately after the road accident, I asked a man in a suit sitting at a desk if he had let the dog out and he said he had.
"He also said that it was not his job to look after dogs. I asked him if he had a dog himself and his reply was "no fear"!
"If what Skoda is now claiming were true, and I had been told at the time that the dog had unfortunately escaped, we would not be having this dialogue now!"

To Whom It May Concern:
We at the Barkers Motor Group are animal lovers and some of us dog owners, and would hate anything to happen to our own dogs.
We are very sorry for the incident that happened at our dealership with regards to the small dog that died. This was an unfortunate accident and it was not our intention for any harm to come to the dog. However, a customer, who didn’t realise the dog was in the showroom, opened the door and the dog bolted out. It happened too quickly for us to catch him again.
We can understand that people reading about this on this website were concerned, because we were all very upset by what happened.
From the management team at the Barkers Motor Group


Flowerpot said…
Oh yes? Now which story are we meant to believe...?
Anonymous said…
I don't suppose we'll ever realyy get to the bottom of it.
Anonymous said…
i doubt it :(

am i the only one who sees the irony of "barkers" motor group haha !!!

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