Anyone use Engivita?

Just had a call from a reader that I couldn't answer and I thought - why not ask the bloggers!

Anthony Walker is trying to move his dog towards a veggie diet and had been advised to use Engivita yeast flakes as a supplement (sorry folks - had put wheat in here earlier instead of yeast - I'm on deadline, brain fog!). He wanted to check that this product was okay for use with dogs. Does anyone have any experience of using it? If so can you write a comment here or email

I remember my parents used to feed our dogs handfuls of brewers yeast tablets - although I can't think why now - I think they thought it was good for their nerves!

Another reader phoned yesterday to say that she'd been told you shouldn't use TCP on dogs and also that it was wrong to feed dogs pork as it was bad for them. Does anyone know why that is?

Had lots of interest from the previous blog - lots of people seem to be considering it. Hope one of them works out for Anne.


Em said…
Don't know about the other two, but I was actually advised by my vet to use TCP on Mollie's paws when she had her dew claws removed, to keep the wounds free from infection.

However, it should NEVER be used on cats as it contains a substance which is highly toxic to them.

The vegetarian society should be able to advise on appropriate meat substitutes for dogs, I've been told that Quorn can be good, when fed raw, but they have scores of members who have meat-free pets and will have experiences to share.
Lorraine said…
I wouldn't advise about the diet change without knowing the reason behind the Dogs need for a veggie diet ( is there a medical reason for it ?)
Dogs aren't designed to be veggies, though I've known a couple who had problems & couldn't digest meat.

I've been a "veggie" for over 30 years, but I feed my dogs tripe & mixer as their beliefs aren't the same as mine ;)
I can't say I like seeing bones about the place, but I get great satisfaction watching the dogs enjoy them.

The Brewers Yeast is an old flea remedy,you can also use it in powder form to brush onto the coat.

Maybe that could be a future topic.....tried & tested natual remedies.
Anonymous said…
I think we did a DTI on pork years ago. Apparently it harked to pre-commercial petfood days, when there were worm problems with pork not properly cooked before being given to the dog.

That's why pork isn't associated with dog food in the public's mind, apparently, and so it's not marketed.

That's if my memory is correct, anyway!
Anonymous said…
I feed pork with no problems,but I feed raw,Burns also do a Pork and potatoe dog food
Anonymous said…
Last year one of my dogs had an very bad allergic reaction to nettles. I bathed his feet in diluted TCP. When this didn't work I had to take him to the vets. They told me it was the right thing to do and had he had a normal reaction, it would have helped.

I was once told that prok wasn't fed to dogs as it was too fatty. I have always given mine any left overs without a problem and beleive me if there was a problem with it they would have found it:)

Ems said…
I think the pork thing was due to the fact that it could likely contain encysted worms - these days thats far less likely, due to the way animals are raised, and because we commonly freeze meat.

Horse can also contain encysted worms quite commonly and I suspect thats why as dog food it was always cooked.. again these days modern animal husbandry and freezing (and the lack of horse meat being fed to dogs these days), it's not such an issue.

As far as yeast goes... small quantities can be beneficial... but I believe it can also cause skin problems.

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