Doggie facebook

Does your dog have his or her own page on the canine equivalent of facebook? Would you like to talk about it tomorrow on BBC Radio Scotland?

Just been asked for someone who enjoys networking with their dog. It's urgent - so can you email me your phone number and some details to

It's a lighthearted piece that will be going out tomorrow at approx 9.30am.

Cheers and no - still virtually no staff here! Eek


Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley, Buddy my black Labrador has his own page on PetStreet, and is building a collection of friends there. I have my own page, my daughter has a page and so do the other two dogs in the house! Buddy of course also has Buddy's Diary too. I'd be happy to talk about all this - it's great fun and has its uses too!
Best wishes,
Julie Hill
Anonymous said…

My dog has her own MySpace, Petstreet and Dog Book (on facebook) if you need any further details you can email me

Kind Regards,
Beverley Cuddy said…
Thanks for offering Chloe - Julie just pipped you at the post - but she did a grand job! Well done Julie.

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