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Some of you who have been reading the blog for a while will remember the story of Caroline and Harry. Both are doing really well and enjoying their new food. Click here for the story if you're new here.
A few of you wanted to send them Christmas treats etc. Ceri, the care worker has been off work for almost a month so it's taken some time to find the address to send stuff to - but we have it now!

Gifts for Caroline and Harry can be sent c/o Ceri PREP. 184 Corporation Road, Grangetown, Cardiff. CF11 7AY and just got this message re collar sizes: "Also we measured Harry's current collar which is 18.5 inches from end to end, do those measurements help? She would be delighted to receive a hand made collar from your reader, again many thanks."

It's been bucketing down here - I've been viewing the river nervously as we're not long dried out from the last flood. Just imagine how dreadful it must be to be homeless this winter. How on earth did Caroline and Harry cope?
If I get chance later, I have another major blog topic to tell you about.... Our new person Luke is busy learning the ropes. Let's just hope his previous carpentry work experience won't need to be called upon to build us an ark!


Ems said…
I think I can work with those measurements :)(actual neck size is better but time is of essence here really).

Em x

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