Banned from Crufts!

Today I got an email from one of our merry band of photographers. He'd just rung up Crufts press office and was surprised by the response.
"I was set to go up tomorrow and do day 1, so just phoned the press office to check something about parking, and have been told that I wouldn’t be allowed in as press on behalf of Dogs Today due to events last year. I wasn’t even aware of any issues last year."
Had one our photographers got up to no good last year? Had they been asking the top dogs to slip out of their collars, had they been moonlighting for Playdog? We asked the KC for a statement and were told, "Caroline would be sending one along presently." Presumably that's Caroline Kisko - KC supremo.
We never got one, but we did receive this email!
"I’m afraid we are not going to be able to provide you with a comment. We believe that Beverley knows why we would not wish to register Dogs Today at Crufts and so do not feel we need to re-iterate this.
Best Wishes
Kat Watts
Crufts Press Office"
I wrote back:
"Dear Kat
I'm sorry but I have no idea why you are refusing to admit our photographers! So far as I can see, every year I call for the KC to reform its health policies yet this year you seem to have decided to ban us, rather than reform yourselves!
Clarification is needed to explain your new response to criticism.
To which I have yet to receive a reply.
The dummy does seem to have been thrown quite firmly out of the pram. They'll be burning copies of our magazines next! At least we didn't compare the KC to the Klu Klux Klan like Peta did! (Click here)Wonder what punishment they got - bet even they've not had their press passes ripped up!
At the risk of further sanctions I'm going to tell you something else about the KC and dog health!
This week we discovered that the KC's much criticised Accredited Breeder Scheme appears to have been further watered down. (Perhaps it should now be renamed their Discredited Breeders Scheme?)
We had an application from an Accredited Breeder to advertise her pups via Dial-a-Dog (click here). We have a strict criteria for each breed as to which health tests need to be performed and as this breeder very definitely didn't do the tests we looked into how she could claim to be Accredited. She was. It seems according to this breeder that now the KC just "strongly advise" testing - she said it is no longer a condition of being an Accredited Breeder. When did that happen? And more importantly - why? And if we ask them - would they tell us as they seem to have completely sent us to Coventry!
I'm afraid we had to refuse the KC accredited breeder - but how many members of the public would be fooled into imagining an Accredited Breeder would be doing all the required health tests?
I have to say I'm surprised that they've bothered to ban us this particular year and no other - we have pretty much been saying precisely the same thing for the last 18 years! We'd love to stop - but that would require them to evolve, to improve, to listen?
Maybe the message has finally got through? Just in case it hasn't and there's any room for ambiguity...
It's time to stop breeding ignorance - reform the KC registration system now, make health testing mandatory and do it soon - before it's too late for so many of our beloved breeds. Other younger Kennel Clubs have been doing what we ask for 20 or more years. Every day we get calls from people with pet dogs that are suffering - the perception that KC registration is a mark of quality still exists. I would love to celebrate the day when that perception becomes a reality!

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Chapstaff said…
Good for you Beverley, you always go where others fear to tread.

Thanks for bringing all this information to our notice through your excellent magazine & through your blog.

You'll never receive any bouquets - it's brickbats all the way....but I suspect that won't bother you.

And I'm sure your photographer will be able to find something much more rewarding to shoot.

Well done & thanks for all you do.

(When will someone finally listen to you & your Dogs Today staff!)
Anonymous said…
I always think that if an orginisation cannot accept critism-then it shows they were never strong anyway.I have always thought of the KC quite highly,but this has certainly altered this.

Nice one Bev!

Leanne Hurren said…
Can't believe that teh KC accredited breeders don't have to do health teste - that's disgusting and very misleading!! Very interested to see if you get a reply!!
Lisa said…
Well Done Beverley.

At last the KC are being highlighted for being what they really are. In it for the money and certainly not for the welfare of dogs.
Anonymous said…
It disgusts me, it really does.
The perception by the naive puppy buyer that KC registered or Accredited breeder means so much is frightening.

Evidence needs to ne gathered and presented to them as this really is a disgrace.
Anonymous said…
its a pity that you were banned from crufts given the lack of pitures available from the event especially on day 2.

I recently joined the KC's AB Scheme specifically because of the health testing criteria which as a new breeder I feel very strongly about and am myself very concerned because I have had nothing but negative response from nearly everyone I respect in my breed including rescue staff.

A pity that an opportunity to reduce over breeding and improve the health of our dogs is being missed.

Which asks the question is this just a money making scheme from the KC?? where is our protection and improvement to our breeds??

Sorely disappointed....

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