Death Row Dogs on TV

A few months ago I told you about a documentary being made about dog owners caught up in the legal system. It finally airs tonight on Virgin 1 at 9pm, the title Death Row Dogs. (Channel 121 on Sky - listed after all the ITV extra channels)
The Two Poodle Martyrs case is featured and Jill tells me she can't bear to watch. I suspect all the cases will be harrowing but I'll be watching, I'm interested to see how the production team deal with the cases.


Flowerpot said…
I'm glad it's finally being aired. Shame I can't watch it - don't have access to virgin here.
Anonymous said…
Phew. Well, that was harrowing to say the least!

Have sat here hugging my dogs and thanking our lucky stars that at least they just look like harmless mutts. Not that that is any protection having watched the poodles....

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