Three lost and lonely boys...

If you're a Dogs Today reader you may just have got your April issue and that may mean you're looking here for news on Freddie. (Don't forget to read my earlier blog of today - about the Two Poodles Martyrs!)
So far, no news on Freddie - he's still waiting. Here's a photo and some details in case you haven't yet seen the mag.

Meet Freddie, he's already had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra and all through very little fault of his own. Wonderful Anne Fowler of Home-A-Dog took him off death row on the day he was due to be killed. His first new owner became allergic to him; his second kept him nearly a year and then returned him saying he was noisy - which he wasn't when he was in Anne's kennels.
Anne had him neutered and found him another home, but the new owner had a fall and slipped into a coma. His next home lasted eight months without incident, but he bounced back after he chased some sheep and after getting a taste for hunting he became troublesome to their pet cat.
Freddie's very clean, excellent in the car, good with other dogs - but ideally not squeaky ones now his hunting instinct has been raised! Being in sheep country, Anne would prefer to find a more urban home for Freddie as she doesn't want him to be stuck in kennels for the rest of his life. If you think you and Freddie could be made for each other, please call Anne on 01341 241238

Meet Dumbo - we heard about him a week ago and we thought we'd found him a home - but so far no luck! Here's the email I received, just missing inclusion in the April mag.

Dumbo is really desperate now - he's not coping well at all in the cold kennel. I was pinning all my hopes on him being in the next issue of the magazine, as I know he would have such a good chance of finding the home he deserves.
I don't know what else I can do for him.
Jodie Adams

Gulp! Here's some background on this poor dog - please do post far and wide and let's find a Disney-esque happy ending for Dumbo and these other dogs.

Here are his vital stats:
  • Eight-year-old Brindle Male Greyhound.
  • Dumbo has been waiting for a home for three years now. He is always overlooked due to his age and nervousness.
  • He is such a lovely well behaved boy, just a bit nervous around strangers. But once he knows you he is very loving and affectionate.
  • Dumbo is cat friendly and good with other dogs.
  • Ok with children, although we are looking for a quiet home with no young children.
  • He is housetrained.

Contact Castledon Greyhound Rescue on 01268 733293 or check out their website

Meet Jamie. He was on death row in a pound in North Wales - an unclaimed stray about to be put to sleep. Lovely Demelda Penkitty (who is set to take over the reigns at Anne Fowler''s Home-A-Dog) wasn't able to take this handsome seven year old as she's currently in Cornwall but was still able to save him by putting him into kennels. But the clock is ticking and the bills are rising - BIGGSD in Surrey are paying for his kennels till mid-March, but he really needs to be finding a home very soon. He's good with other dogs, cats and even chickens.

If you are interested in taking Jamie please phone Demelda on 01208 850530.

Should you be able to help any of these three lovely boys, please let me know!


Penkitty said…
Jamie now has a wonderful new home.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Freddie's got a home now, too!

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