Bright ideas?

Just had a lovely letter from a guide dog owner asking if anyone knows of a visibility collar that uses anything other than LED. I think he suggests fibre optics - although I have to say not that surprisingly his handwriting wasn't that easy to read!

Over to you - does anyone know of a flashing collar than isn't LED. I guess he wants something easier for him to see.


Martha said…
How about Visiglo? Available from Company of Animals...
Anonymous said…
This might be an option (from the Glow Company)

Ems said…
I use a electric (battery powered) 'glow wire) on my OH's trousers (yeah.. no.. dont.. ok, he likes psytrance clubs)..

The thing is the battery packs wouldnt withstand washing and are not removable..

I could make a leather collar with the wire removeable..

The problem with these things generally is that the components for brighter/bigger/better lighting are too large or bulky to fit to a collar.

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