We're all holding our breath!

A few blogs ago I told you about Penny and Fred. Tomorrow someone is going to be checking Penny out with a view to adopting her. I just got a letter about Fred, too. Someone is interested in him, too!
Please see below the first photos of Otis in his new home. They're a bit shaky, but isn't it wonderful that he's loved, that he's not in a kennel - that he's still alive!

Where would we be without wonderful people like Emma at the pound in Surrey and Anne taking on death row dogs in Wales. They work so selflessly to place these poor unfortunate dogs.
Fingers crossed for Penny and Fred.

Just got this email from Emma:

"They arrived, they fell in love, they took her. :-) Penny has now gone to a new home."

Wonderful news.


Anonymous said…
Good luck to all three of them!
Anonymous said…
Many thanks for posting up Otis' pics.

For those with a trained eye you will notice Otis still has some extra bits! He is booked in for castration on 28 April and has already been vaccinated and microchipped.

I am so glad that Otis' owner was in the vets at the time (although not so glad that her sisters cat was ill and that was the reason she was there.)

Penkitty said…
Lovely to see Otis so happy in his new home.
Good Luck to Penny & Freddie too.
Chapstaff said…
Excellent news.
Teresa said…
Hi All who know Otis, (Jake now), I was almost moved to tears that so many people were fighting to save him and are so thrilled that I did. Thanks to Emma we are a complete family again as Jake is now a well established part of it. He is a wonderful dog with so much character and is such a good boy. My son Gary (in the first picture) loves him as much as I do and they are the best of friends, extremely close. The microchipping will be done same time as the neutering on 28th April. We dont want this to change him too much as he's fantastic as he is.
Good luck to all and well done for your hard work.
Teresa and Gary
bugs said…
So pleased that Jake has settled in so well, and that Teresa & Gary gave him the chance to be loved and cherished.

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