Thank you - and one more request!

We received so many wonderful photos that show Greyhounds and cats, dogs, rabbits and kids all living peacefully that we will have several pages full of these stories in the next edition. The words have gone off for subbing and layout now - and those whose pix were a bit too small will be contacted to see if they can beef them up a bit. Thank you all for being so prompt and telling your stories, I am sure it will make an impact seeing all those lovely images of harmony. A picture is worth a thousand words.

There is one more thing I am looking for image-wise. We have a great studio shot of a rescue Greyhound that could make the front cover, but I'm wondering if anyone else out there has a special photo that might be even more appealing? I'd like something that shows the softer side of the Greyhound expression - a close-up of the face, maybe head on paws looking at the camera. Or snuggled up. Or anything else breathtaking really - will know it when I see it!

If you have a shot you're really are proud of, or if you know someone who has one that's pin sharp, the right shape - ie portrait not landscape and is hi-res can you contact me as it would be great to look at some more cover options to make this the most eye-catching edition possible.

Email me on

Once again thanks for your help in this,
Best wishes

PS We now have the most beautiful cover shot, thank you so much for sharing your lovely images. I've really enjoyed finding my in box so full of gorgeous faces. I'll post just a few on the end of the blog so you can enjoy some of them, too!
Barley owned by Lynne Dixon

Jack owned by Alyson Bury

Lilly Blue owned by Erssie

Drum owned by Charlotte Stockley

Millie owned by Clare Savory

and finally...

I got this email from Kelli Windebank:

" This is Aoife, is my special girl. I have only recently rescued her from Greyhound Rescue West of England. She is a tattooed greyhound and she is two next month

"On Friday she suffered a stroke - she is now lying at the vet specilaist paralysed on all four legs. She had a stroke of the spine and it has been one of the worst weekends of my life. Aoife is a beautiful girl. She has only just started her new life with us - we got her at the end of Feb and she was just beginning to enjoy her new life here, she was a real sweetheart and was sent to mend my heart after I lost my lurcher girl Tilly suddenly to Pyothorax in Nov 07 :( . It's so unfair this has happened to her now - but I know she will get back to good health again - she has the spirit of the Greyhound."

I'm sure we all send Aoife all our best wishes and hope she gets better very soon.


Chapstaff said…
Ooh good! I'm first.

I don't own a Greyhound, but I'm as fond of them as I am of any other breed, so I'd just like to say please keep this thread for people with Greyhound photos.

Personally, I'd delete any rude messages.

I look forward to hearing what people have to say, & to seeing the next edition of Dogs Today with all the lovely photos.
Anonymous said…
Good to hear you sounding happier Beverley and the next issue sounds like it coming on well - looking forward to seeing it. Sorry, no Grey pics here but I'm sure you'll find something special for the cover. I can just imagine Grey rescuers frantically clicking today up and down the land!
Anonymous said…
I have sent a few pics. I hope at least one may be of use.

Debbie C.
Anonymous said…
I've send you a picture of my gorgeous blue greyhound Drum. Hope you get some greyt pictures.

Unknown said…
What beautiful pictures of some gorgeous doggies there are on this blog post. I have been snapping away at my own beautiful greyhound girl all this week and just as I get a really lovely picture of her ready to send I notice that a cover shot has already been picked. Oh well, never mind. All our hounds are wonderfully photogenic so I'm sure the cover girl or boy will be wonderful.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Kelly

Still worth sending the pix if you've gone to all that trouble, while the cover's gone there's more pix needed for the features.

Anonymous said…
Are you going to let us in on the secret of who is your cover boy/girl!!

Aww go on pplllleeeeaasseee
Anonymous said…
Can i just say that its not Max in the second photo its JACK.
Alyson Bury
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sorry Alyson, have changed it now. I better check the others!

The person who sent in the cover pic has been told, it was Judy Zatonski with a gorgeous head study of her lovely and sadly now deaprted Saffron.

Thank you to all who sent photos. There were so many stunners to choose from, but Saffron's photo show that special Greyhound vulnerability and gentleness.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations - cant wait to see the front cover next month.
Thank you for the best wished for Aoife - I have heard that she is doing very well and is getting stronger. Thanks again

Chapstaff said…
Hi Kelli,
I'm so pleased that Aoife is improving. I hope she makes as full a recovery as possible.

What beautiful Greyhound photos. Looking forward to next edition already
Unknown said…

I sent you some pictures in the end. Hope they came through ok and that you like them. I can send them as larger files if you need better picture quality.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Kelly

Safely received, can we hold on to them for next month's post bag (ie the July issue) as we're now full for this month,

best wishes
Unknown said…

Yes thats fine. I'm just glad you can make use of them.


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